Hot picks from designer brands that won't break the bank

If you crave designer fashion items but don't have the bank account to support your lemmings, you don't have to resort to counterfeits or so-called overruns. Owning designer goods is about enjoying the best quality, and you certainly won't get that if you're not treating yourself to the real thing. The good news is, some designer brands can offer that same posh experience without burning (as big) a hole in your pocket. Check out these more pocket-friendly designer brands to quench your thirst for luxury!

Carven is a French brand that has all the Parisian flair but not the hefty French designer cost. With a price tag for dresses that starts at around P15,000, you will get a playfully sophisticated ready-to-wear outfit with design roots that hail from a haute couture fashion house from the 1940s. You’re sure to get your money’s worth in terms of craftsmanship and design. Carven is available at Homme et Femme.

Image via Fashion Fav

Image via Fashion Fav

If clean lines, streamlined silhouettes, layered textures, and sports luxe are your thing, then the rebranded CK Calvin Klein line, Calvin Klein Platinum, is a treasure trove for you. It features pieces that start at PHP5,000 and offers choices for those who like color blocking and monochromatic dressing. You can find their store in SM Aura.

Oh, diffusion lines. Where would our pockets be without you? One of the best things that ever happened to budget shoppers are diffusions lines, or the secondary line of merch manufactured by high-end and designer fashion houses. The items in the diffusion lines are separate from the main signature labels, have a different look but still noticeably has the designer’s flair to it, and usually have its own store. But the cherry on top? Diffusion lines are still 100% designer without the designer price tag.

Ralph Lauren was originally a men’s brand known for its tailored and crisp menswear. Polo by Ralph Lauren offers the same classic tailored style as women's apparel. If you love a clean summer look that does not clean out your bank account (yet), you’ll love this Poplin Long Sleeve Shirt Dress (estimated at P9,400).

Described as the youthful spirit of Giorgio Armani for a new generation, Armani Exchange still has Giorgio Armani's highly tailored look but in playful silhouettes and wearable and lightweight materials. Start with an Armani Exchange shirt (estimated at P2,500) that can be the centerpiece of your overall look, or choose a tailored blazer that can take you from day to night (estimated at P6,500). How about a statement frock that you can dress down or dress up depending on your accessories (estimated at P6,500)?

Image via Amazon

Image via Amazon

We've all had a Coach bag, wallet or wristlet at one point of our lives, and we couldn’t blame you. Coach is the gateway designer label for any budding handbag collector. The American fashion label still produces coveted pieces every season, and if you’re lucky, you can score a piece or two at an outlet store a season after. For this season, we’re loving the Scout Hobo (estimated at P15,000).

Kate Spade is another gateway brand for most us, especially when you’re one who cannot resist feminine and whimsical designs. Although their leather goods can skew a bit expensive, their canvas bags (like the Secret Admirer Balloon Heart Hallie, estimated at P10,000) hits the sweet spot for those who are on a budget.

Got your eye on any of the pieces above? Do let us know in the comments!