Avon wants you to step into your comfort zone

The prevailing theme of the modern times seems to have a lot to do with being bold or daring to be different, all done in the name of breaking free. But here’s a thought to give you pause: what if that freedom can just as much be found within? After all, some limitations we only put on ourselves because we are too used to conforming to what society dictates.

In a timely move, Avon Fashions’ latest campaign for their collection of intimate wear seeks to encourage Pinays to step into their comfort zone instead. Stressing the importance of being authentic to oneself and embracing the life each individual chooses, Avon tapped five inspiring local celebs to send the powerful message that there are many, and sometimes unconventional, ways to define success.

Supermodel and comedian Wilma Doesnt stands proud in both the fashion and entertainment industries by finding her niche in the face of being judged for her appearance. Alice Dixson chooses to live life at her own pace and in her own terms, enjoying a career that’s hotter than ever in 2018. Host and fashionista Tricia Centenera proves that there’s life after divorce, and an exciting one, to boot. Hidilyn Diaz, a silver medal Olympian, is the perfect example of “strong is beautiful” for breaking the stereotype that women should aspire only to be sweet and dainty. Finally, dynamic actress and single mom Jennylyn Mercado pulls off her personal balancing act with flying colors amidst naysayers expressing that she wouldn’t be able to do it on her own.

The campaign is an inclusive one as well. During the recent media preview for the lingerie collection, models of all shapes and sizes stood up from various spots in the audience - flash mob style - and strutted onto the catwalk to showcase trendy Avon designs that suit a wide array of body types. Each model sported multiple looks styled from sweet to edgy, a testament to the brand’s extensive bra and panty selection.

I was surprised to find that Avon carries sizes that fit anywhere from petite to plus size, whereas smaller body types used to be relegated for the teens section while fuller figured women only had the maternity line to choose from. It was definitely cool to witness the spectrum IRL. In fact, one of the highlights of the fashion show was the two plus-sized models that sashayed with infectious confidence!

The show was capped off with male models led by Daniel Matsunaga, who all donned Avon Men’s Club Intimate Apparel. This was followed by the celebs’ final walk that unveiled their portraits as painted by Steph Alvarez.  


Do you struggle with finding nice intimates for your body type? What are your thoughts on Avon's empowering campaign?