Cheap But Good: These Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liners are P125 and creamy

Lip liners are underrated makeup products here in Asia. It’s a shame, though, as many miss out its abilities to define the shape of our lips and help keep our lipstick in place. If you haven't yet, you should consider adding lip liners to your arsenal because Ever Bilena recently released a new collection of Matte Lip Liners with very budget-friendly prices!

At just P125 a pop, these Matte Lip Liners are designed to be paired with their Matte Liquid Lipsticks. Many of them have similar names to shades from the original lipstick line to make it easier to match your liner and lip color. You can definitely wear them with other lipsticks as well - just make sure to choose a lip liner shade that matches or is very close to the color of your lipstick.

Ever Bilena Lip Liner

Despite the low price tag, these lip liners deliver! I have 10 different shades, and most of them are creamy and apply smoothly and easily. The one with the most uneven application is Vivid Violet followed by Vogue Diva, while Pink Flame is not as pigmented as the others. I find the rest to be easy to work with, especially the brown and nude shades which glide on smoothly. I also love how they have a lot of different shades of red, because red lipsticks tend to bleed out the most out of all lip colors. This way, you can find the perfect shade of red to match your lipstick! These liners are also retractable and don’t need to be sharpened.

The one thing I don't like about these pencils is that they aren’t labeled per shade. The caps are pretty close approximations of the actual product colors though, so you can use that as reference. Ever Bilena also recommends twisting the liner no more than twice to prevent breakage. I've been following this instruction and haven’t experienced any breakage so far.

before crystal.jpg

Here’s me wearing Siennas lip liner under my lipstick. I’m happy with the size of my lips, but I wish that the shape was more defined, especially around the cupid’s bow. A lip liner helps me do that. I use mostly bullet lipsticks because my lips are perpetually dry, but the downside is that I usually find that my lipstick smudges on my chin when I eat. When I used this lip liner with a bullet lipstick, however, my lipstick did not smear even after two meals! That alone is already a good reason to use a lip liner!

Swatches, from left: Vivid Violet, Sexy Nude, Vogue Diva, Glam Red, Fierce Red, Pink Flame, Toast of New York, Siennas, Dusk, Mirrored Mocha

Swatches, from left: Vivid Violet, Sexy Nude, Vogue Diva, Glam Red, Fierce Red, Pink Flame, Toast of New York, Siennas, Dusk, Mirrored Mocha

The quality of these pencils is pretty impressive, and the price is hard to beat. I would definitely recommend this to everyone for creating a better-defined pout and longer lasting lip color!

Do you use a lip liner as part of your routine? What do you think of adding these into your collection? Which shade/s do you like best?