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Avon wants you to step into your comfort zone

The prevailing theme of the modern times seems to have a lot to do with being bold or daring to be different, all done in the name of breaking free. But here’s a thought to give you pause: what if that freedom can just as much be found within? After all, some limitations we only put on ourselves because we are too used to conforming to what society dictates.

In a timely move, Avon Fashions’ latest campaign for their collection of intimate wear seeks to encourage Pinays to step into their comfort zone instead. Stressing the importance of being authentic to oneself and embracing the life each individual chooses, Avon tapped five inspiring local celebs to send the powerful message that there are many, and sometimes unconventional, ways to define success.

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Why what we wear underneath matters more than what the world sees

The age of social media has given birth to an interesting phenomena called "doing it for the 'gram". Whenever we post something - because surely we have to post something - we do it with one eye on how good it will look like on our various feeds. It doesn't matter how uncomfortable or miserable we may be at that time. If the post looks great, and 50 other likes agree with us, then we feel good. We feel important. 

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Hanes Intimates: Comfort and secrecy in your lingerie

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll notice that I'm partial to jersey and sheer fabrics. I think they're super comfortable and body-friendly! They hug the figure right and hides what needs to be hidden. But. The problem with these kinds of clothes is that they also show unsightly underwear lines and bumps. It's impossible to wear, say, a lacy or too-tight bra without announcing it to the world!

Enter Hanes Intimates. I got these brassieres some weeks ago and I've been using them since then. They're utterly comfortable (no biting wires or garters) and they fit me well. I also like how they're shaped, so the chest looks kinda sculpted and I get the right support. Oh and they're almost invisible unless you look closely!

Here are some outfits wearing them!

My bra is peeking here because the dress keeps hiking down, but the seamless Beautiful Comfort Concealing Bra in Black doesn't look out of place. It's like it's part of the dress.

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Avon Fashions' Summer Collection

Avon accessories are getting better and better, don't you think? These pieces will speak for themselves:

The Spring Green Jewelry line has this faux jade centerpiece set in silver. It has tiny stones in an ornate pattern which I think makes it look oh-so sophisticated! The Spring Blossom Jewelry line, on the other hand, is gold with white enamel flowers and clear stones. 


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Inti-Mate Bra Converter is a bra saver

I once spent a summer working in the Senate for my practicum credits. I was often at Senate hearings and loved observing the senators as they fight to make the laws of our land. Since I was a member of a senator's staff, I get to sit directly behind the lawmakers and take notes. One day, Loren Legarda was presiding. She was wearing a fitted purple jersey top with 3/4 sleeves. Imagine my horror when I noticed that her bra straps were already down her arms! She probably couldn't feel it because her top was too tight!

Moral lesson of the story: even mega-rich senators wear bras with loose straps. If you love your old bras too much that you don't mind suffering through embarrassing booboos every time you wear them, then you shouldn't leave home without this!

IMG_9515 by project_vanity.

So what does Inti-Mate do? It simply holds your bra straps in an "x" across your back. This means that you don't have to worry about falling bra straps anymore! Aside from that, you'll be able to wear racer-back tees without having to show tacky bra straps.

IMG_9521 by project_vanity.

This product is especially helpful to women who like sports as well as those who are into sexy tops. Oh, it's also heaven sent for lazy daisies like me who absolutely hate removing convertible bra straps and criss-crossing them manually. It's so frustrating! And can get confusing. I know you know what I mean.

One pack contains three units in different colors: black, neutral, and clear. It's nice how they just bundled everything together for convenience! If I remember correctly, it's only P250 per pack.

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The Avon Fashions Summer Launch

My grandmother was an Avon Lady for many years. Because of the brand, she helped my Lolo put my mother and her siblings through college during the 70's.

She got interested in makeup because of Avon, and she actually made a career out of it. My earliest memories were of her bringing me and my cousins to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where she did the makeup of theater and concert artists in her heyday. We got to watch plays, of course! She has pictures with Lea Salonga and Pops Fernandez. 

She was a kind and cool Lola to have. She bought us clothes, made us up. I think it was from her that my mother and I got our love for all things related to fashion and beauty. My mother is actually an Avon Lady too, although she doesn't sell. She just likes the 20% discount, lol.

That being said, I grew up with Avon. The first makeup I ever got to play with was from Avon. My pre-teen bras were from Avon. It's a brand that my family's life is closely intertwined with, so I was glad when I got to attend one of their yearly launches.

Avon launched three categories: lingerie, jewelry, and accessories. The newest collections are inspired by themes: Kaleidoscope Summer (bright and bold), Tutti Frutti (flirty colors), One Love (hippie movement), Spring Fantasy (dainty and subdued), Ode To Leaves (the shades of a lush garden), Pool Party (blue and cool), Bouquet of Memories (nostalgic and timeless), Black Rose (the sophistication of the color black), and Men's Club (for the boys).

Guests were asked to shop in three rooms: the jewelry room featuring Avon's latest trinkets, accessories room holding the bags, belts, wallets, and shoes, and the lingerie room containing the brand's summer-worthy wear

Ruffa Gutierrez was the shining host of the night! Bianca Gonzales joined her as Avon's newest endorser

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