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Avon wants you to step into your comfort zone

The prevailing theme of the modern times seems to have a lot to do with being bold or daring to be different, all done in the name of breaking free. But here’s a thought to give you pause: what if that freedom can just as much be found within? After all, some limitations we only put on ourselves because we are too used to conforming to what society dictates.

In a timely move, Avon Fashions’ latest campaign for their collection of intimate wear seeks to encourage Pinays to step into their comfort zone instead. Stressing the importance of being authentic to oneself and embracing the life each individual chooses, Avon tapped five inspiring local celebs to send the powerful message that there are many, and sometimes unconventional, ways to define success.

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Wacoal says, "Be body beautiful at any age!"

Our body changes as we age. That’s just a fact of life! The best we can do is to take care of it by eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes, but really, how many of us are saints? We want to live once in a while, but whether we like it or not, our body takes the toll.

A group of bloggers attended a Wacoal talk one Saturday afternoon, where a representative discussed how our body changes as we grow older. I’m sure all of us have an idea since we’ve seen several women age, but when it was dissected in detail, my gosh! I found myself squirming inside. 

It seems that, even with proper care, our body will deteriorate due to gravity and the normal pace of aging (less elasticity, muscle growth, and overall moisture). Observe:

A diagram of how breasts age

How hips change with age

This is not to say that aging is ugly and that we should just throw the towel when we hit our 40s. No. I would hate for you to think that! Our breasts may sag and our hips may fall flat and wrinkly, but aging has other benefits.

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Hanes Intimates: Comfort and secrecy in your lingerie

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll notice that I'm partial to jersey and sheer fabrics. I think they're super comfortable and body-friendly! They hug the figure right and hides what needs to be hidden. But. The problem with these kinds of clothes is that they also show unsightly underwear lines and bumps. It's impossible to wear, say, a lacy or too-tight bra without announcing it to the world!

Enter Hanes Intimates. I got these brassieres some weeks ago and I've been using them since then. They're utterly comfortable (no biting wires or garters) and they fit me well. I also like how they're shaped, so the chest looks kinda sculpted and I get the right support. Oh and they're almost invisible unless you look closely!

Here are some outfits wearing them!

My bra is peeking here because the dress keeps hiking down, but the seamless Beautiful Comfort Concealing Bra in Black doesn't look out of place. It's like it's part of the dress.

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The wonder that is the Wonderbra

I like a lot of brands, but my favorites are the ones with a rich, long history of making women beautiful. Innovation is cool, but tradition and timelessness are always winners in my book. One of those brands is Wonderbra.

It's a name you whisper with awe - Wonderbra. You've heard about it, while your moms and grandmothers have probably used it in their heyday. It was among the first bra patents that gave birth to the modern design as we know it. The company that created it was founded in Canada in 1939, but it was only in the 60's when their breakout product was created - the Wonderbra Model 1300, which was a lace push-up. Here's the ad released in 1968:

Trivia: this is the first TV ad ever shown with a live model wearing only a bra

It was a huge leap back then. During the 50's and 60's, the norm for breast support were girdles. However, the feminist movement campaigned for women to burn their bras. Hems were getting shorter, clothes were showing more flesh, so it was only practical to cut back on girdles as well.

The 1990s saw the Wonderbra becoming famous worldwide, culminating with Eva Herzigova's traffic-stopping billboard in 1994.  

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Avon Fashions' Summer Collection

Avon accessories are getting better and better, don't you think? These pieces will speak for themselves:

The Spring Green Jewelry line has this faux jade centerpiece set in silver. It has tiny stones in an ornate pattern which I think makes it look oh-so sophisticated! The Spring Blossom Jewelry line, on the other hand, is gold with white enamel flowers and clear stones. 


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Avon Desert Oasis Collection

Here's an Avon post...again! I can't help it. Avon is probably the biggest supporter of Project Vanity. They don't pay me or anything, if you're curious. They just send me their latest products to try and it works out so well because I've been a huge fan of Avon even since I was a teen. Anyway, just the other day they gave me three bags of products not just for me, but for YOU! Yup, I'm going to have another major giveaway soon. If you haven't joined the current one, please do!

Today I want to share something they sent me a couple of weeks back. It's one of their newer collections called Desert Oasis, one inspired by the glittering sands of the hot dunes. The collection is quite extensive, with underwear, sandals, accessories, and bags under it. I have a few of them here. Check out the photos!

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