Hate fashion emergencies? Keep these in your purse!

It happens to the best of us: an unstitched hem, a fallen button, a stuck zipper, or a broken heel - grade-A fashion emergencies. So how do you deal? You don’t need a fashion stylist’s prop kit. Besides, who has the strength to lug a large suitcase filled with items to aid fashion emergencies anyway? We have whittled down the essentials you need for common fashion mishaps and thrown in a few tricks to help you out!

Safety pins are must haves in every stylist’s prop kit. So why wouldn’t you keep them around? Use it for stitches that come undone, and basically any part of your clothing that is falling apart or bursting open (like that button-down blouse that flashes people with side parts). Pro tip: keep a pair or more in your coin purse so you always have it around like you have your money. If you can also get some pins in black, all the better, as black tends to blend better with most clothing.

Soap isn't just for the germophobes. Aside from keeping you clean, a run-of-the-mill bar of soap is also good for getting zippers unstuck. How? Just rub the soap on the exposed teeth of the zipper to lubricate the zipper. Having a bar of soap handy is also good for removing stains. Use a warm, damp tissue or your handkerchief soaked in warm water and then lather with soap to get rid of that post-lunch stain on your blouse. Pro tip: stuff travel-sized soap bars that you get from hotels in your fashion emergency kit so it won’t take too much space in your bag.

Double-sided tape is a hardworking product that you definitely must have in case of fashion disasters. Fix faulty hems on the go without stitching, keep bra straps covered up, or avoid a nip slip by securing the girls in your low cleavage top. It’s also best for keeping shoes that are too big to from slipping and sliding. Just tape a few pieces at the sole of your feet to keep them from doing so. And don’t believe that candy commercial: gums and candies can do so much to secure a broken heel. Use the double-sided tape!

Deodorant. Not only is it good for keeping BO away, you can also use it to avoid blisters on your feet. If your favorite pair of stilettos or strappy leather sandals are giving you blisters, apply deo in gel formula where the straps dig into your skin. This way, you prevent friction and add a layer of protection between your shoe and your feet.

A pencil can help you jot down shopping notes and prevent fashion blunders. The graphite end can also be rubbed on stubborn zippers, or use the rubber eraser to temporarily secure an earring with a missing back.

Rubbing alcohol is an obvious lifesaver for no-water situations but it has other uses, too. Ever had those horrific white stains show up on your LBD? The culprit: deodorant stains. The solution: rubbing alcohol. Take away the stain by applying alcohol on the spot. Then cover the spot with a paper dampened with water and wait for the stain to lift away. Repeat as necessary. Got gum stuck on your shoe? You can use rubbing alcohol, too! Applying rubbing alcohol can harden the gum and make it easier to scrape.

Ever been a fashion emergency before? How did you prevent a major wardrobe malfunction? Do let us know in the comments and let’s swap tips!

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