For your boobs only: The Triumph Sports Bra and NuBra Seamless Push Up

Bras give our boobs lift and shape, but certain activities require different types. Sport bras for example offer better support while we're running, working out at the gym, or in my case, tennis. They also sometimes to show under our workout clothes so cute sports bras = win! It feels good to be dressed for the part too.

I got to try a design from Triumph's new sports bra line some weeks back. I like how soft and lightweight these bras are, plus they have tiny holes in the back for ventilation. They're easy to put off and most importantly - they're don't kill me come peeling off time lol. This particular design is intended to give only low impact support but it's more than enough for tennis practice.

Sizing may be a bit limited, however. I am a 34B and I'm already using Large, the biggest size for this particular design. Other designs are small to XL though so it's probable that you'll find your size there if you're chestier than I am. Just ask for the help of the sales ladies before you fit - they were really helpful when I visited the Triumph stand in SM Aura.

This design is just P1,150 in malls, but currently it's P950 on Zalora. Not bad! It's more affordable compared to Nike or Adidas, and Triumph is a great reliable brand too. Check this out the next time you're shopping for sports bras. ^_^

The other new bra I have is called, well, Nubra! The Seamless Push Up (P2,677) is an "invisible" stick-on bra that's made for backless, low cut, and slinky dresses. It can also create cleavage by pushing breasts together with the middle clasp. Sounds impossible? Well, it works! I can't show my boobs here but it definitely enhances my cleavage and most importantly, it doesn't slide off even when I get super sweaty.

The adhesive on NuBra is U.S. FDA approved medical-grade adhesive that has been tested and certified to be skin-irritation free by independent labs in the U.S., Japan, and Europe. It's easy to use: just stick on each piece then close the clasp to get that cleavage. To wash, just mildy rinse it in soapy water and leave it to dry. 

It's great to have around even if you don't like backless dresses and deep cleavages, actually. If you have a tight dress that can't accommodate a full bra or don't like something tight wrapped around your ribs - this may be your jam. 

The Nubra comes with a plastic travel case which you can use on the go or for storage. The case isn't fancy, as it's really just clear stiff molded plastic, but it does the job. ^_^ You can find it inStrip Serendra, Azucar Greenbelt5, and online at Zalora.

Have a great weekend guys!