How to find the perfect jacket for your body type

It may seem like a strange fashion pick for a tropical country, but jackets are a great way to spice up any outfit. They are versatile pieces, and a great cover-up for when you have to deal with the cold blast of the AC. You can match jackets to almost anything, but not all jackets flatter our bodies the same way. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect fit!

If you're curvy: Embrace your curves, girl! Avoid jackets, especially the rectangular and boxy ones, that don't show off your best assets. Look for cuts that cinch and button at the waist so you can show off your gorgeous figure. Stick to solid colors or vertical pinstripes for a more slimming effect.


If you're shaped like an apple: Choose structured or belted coats for a sleek look. A perfect example is the classic trench coat, which streamlines your silhouette and gives you a leaner, longer figure. Tailored jackets with a V-neckline are also great for apple-shaped women, as this will help them create a slimmer figure. Avoid any type of jackets with padding as the added bulk will make you look round and heavy. 

If you're shaped like a pear: Pear-shaped gals usually need to offset their bottom-heavy figures with tops that will make them look proportional. Double-breasted styles and wide lapels are great picks for creating an hourglass shape. For longer jackets, stick with fit-and-flare type of coats that fit closely to your torso, then loosen towards your hips. 

If your figure is boyish, straight and rectangular: Put emphasis on your waist to create some curves! Use a belted jacket, or go for a dressier peplum style. You can also experiment with flowy fabrics, as the draping creates a softer figure. Avoid boxy or rectangular jackets.

If you're shaped like an hourglass: Girls with this shape are the luckiest of the bunch! You can wear all lengths of coats and jackets, and still look good. You can even get away with wearing structured jackets with flat panels, which are great for elongating your figure.

While I hope this guide gives you a better idea of what you should be looking for, it is by no means strict rules for you to follow. You should always wear whatever makes you feel pretty and confident! My best shopping tip is to always try the clothes on first, take an OOTD inside the dressing room, and give yourself a day or two to see if you’re still interested in the jacket. It also helps to ask the opinion of a trusted friend or two. Good luck! ;)

Images via Mango