Store feature: Ever New from Melbourne is now in Manila!

There are nice stores, but then there are stores where you want to take every single thing home. "It's so me!" you squeal. It takes an epic amount of self-control to walk out with only a few choice pieces but it is done.

Something like this happened to me when I visited Ever New on their opening day.

The store is fabulous, for lack of a better word! The pieces are all feminine and sophisticated - think Blair Waldorf on A-grade crack. Colorful prints and fabrics are arrayed according to a theme.

In one corner, you'll see summery white, orange and hot pink affairs. On another there is a modern nautical combination of green and navy blue. A wall displays glamorous formal wear while another has body contouring dresses in glitzy gold and black. 

Take a look!

There are also vintage-y, pin-up girl pieces like this bustier

There are a few key casual items like these shorts and romper

Nautica at its finest

Gorgeous bags also steal the scene, like this mini-woven bag in pastel pink and yellow

You can also find elaborate flats, heels, and wedges in the store

Accessories are definitely for making a stylish statement; they are grouped according to color

Slim belts

Wallets and other knick-knacks

Beautiful, eh? I love the place, although it's expensive to shop here. Expect to shell out up to P1,800-3,000 for a skirt or shorts, while the more elaborate dresses can cost up to P5,000. Bags and shoes are roughly P3,000. High end is as high end goes, but I think that it's worth splurging for something that you really like and may not find anywhere else. :)

I bought a pair of wedges (on top of the two skirts I got with the GC they kindly gave me) because they were so, well, lovely. Tangerine and tan always look fantastic together!

I will definitely come back to see Ever New's new selections. You can find the store in Bonifacio High Street Central (under Elias, the restaurant). :)