Cheap finds: Ever Bilena cream and glitter eyeshadows

Not gonna lie - I prefer to use premium products over cheaper alternatives. You can call me a brand snob but the fact remains that pricier products look, feel, last, and color better. But hey, that doesn't mean that I don't buy cheap things! I'm still on the lookout for bargains to play with so I always visit Watsons and other beauty stores.

A few weekends ago, I bought some Ever Bilena eyeshadows in Watsons Mall of Asia. I did some major swatching all over the place but these won me over because of their cheap price tags and nice color payoff. They're not quite like the high-end stuff, but for the price, it's really hard to nitpick. 

First off, we have EB cream eyeshadow in Peridot. This is a nice leafy green with gold shimmer. It's not opaque, but it shows up nicely on the lids. It's great to use as an eyeshadow base for your green pigments; you'll see the colors adhere better, as well as better lasting power overall. This creases minimally.

Amethyst is my favorite of the two. It's a violet with silver shimmer - check it out under my usual purple eyeshadows! Can you say POP?

Overall, Ever Bilena cream eyeshadows are nice as bases or by themselves (just use them on top of primer). They last fairly long, has decent color payoff, and more importantly - they're less than a hundred bucks! I got them at P75 each, on sale.

I also have an Ever Bilena Glitter Eyeshadow in Luscious Pink (P100). This is pretty cool - it's a duochrome loose pigment in a peachy shade. What's even cooler is that it's an exact dupe of a Benefit eyeshadow called Peach Fuzz. Well, Peach Fuzz has a bit more pink, but they look practically the same, down to the duochrome effect.

Ever Bilena on the left, Benefit on the right

Closeup of the Benefit eyeshadow


The EB pigment is nice when applied, but it's very messy to use since the powder spills out from the tube. Ugh. It's also a bit chalky, but there's nothing a good eyeshadow primer can't fix. ;)

And that's it! How about you, what are you favorite dirt cheap finds ever?