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Neon school girl

I visited the Ferretti store in Glorietta 1 yesterday and positively ooohd when I saw the new pumps. They're the highest we've come out with yet at 4.5 inches, but of course they're still as lightweight and as comfy as ever. There's a basic black, sky blue, pastel pink, and a true lemon yellow. I bought the yellow as soon as I fitted it!

Forever 21 blazer / Topshop blouse / Ever New skirt / Aldo Revera bag / Pinkbox bangles and headband / Aldo ring

I love it! It's my third pair of pumps from Ferretti (again, yay employee discount).

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Store feature: Ever New from Melbourne is now in Manila!

There are nice stores, but then there are stores where you want to take every single thing home. "It's so me!" you squeal. It takes an epic amount of self-control to walk out with only a few choice pieces but it is done.

Something like this happened to me when I visited Ever New on their opening day.

The store is fabulous, for lack of a better word! The pieces are all feminine and sophisticated - think Blair Waldorf on A-grade crack. Colorful prints and fabrics are arrayed according to a theme.

In one corner, you'll see summery white, orange and hot pink affairs. On another there is a modern nautical combination of green and navy blue. A wall displays glamorous formal wear while another has body contouring dresses in glitzy gold and black. 

Take a look!

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Ever New is coming to Manila

How do you feel about new foreign brands coming to the Philippines at breakneck speeds? I'm loving it! More brands mean more options for picky shoppers like me. The important bit is that prices become more competitive. Gone are the days when new brands can enter at prices that are 50% more than their SRP abroad. (Or am I just kidding myself? Still, let's not forget to buy Pinoy!)

Anyway, there's going to be a new clothing brand in town! It's called Ever New, a  brand founded in Melbourne, Australia. Ever New emerged in late 2006 as a start-up retailer and now trades over 120 stores across seven countries including New Zealand, the United States, Singapore, and now, the Philippines.

Their PR sent me a few photos to whet the appetite. If you like elegant, feminine clothes, then I think you'll love Ever New. 


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