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OOTD: Inky impressions

This is what I wore last Saturday. I actually had a dress custom-made just for my 27th, but it didn't come out as nice as I imagined it in my head. It's not horrible at all, but I just wasn't feeling it for that occasion, y'know? I felt a little guilty actually since I rushed the tailor to do it and paid extra, at that. Ah well, lesson learned. You'll see that dress one of these days.

Anyway, the evening before I dashed to Zara in Greenbelt 5 to find something to wear to my university talk and to the parties the next day. I found this midi skirt with an inky floral print that I think looks classy and can be styled many different ways!

I paired it with old things that always go well together: a black long-sleeved crewneck top, a black leather satchel, and sleek pumps. No combination could be more natural with this skirt. ^_^ I kept the accessories to a minimum as always with my gold necklaces and watch.

Top from Muji / Skirt from Zara / Satchel from Tory Burch / Pumos from Ferretti

Top from Muji / Skirt from Zara / Satchel from Tory Burch / Pumos from Ferretti

I thought a midi skirt like this would make me look shorter but on the contrary, I appear elongated. It's because of the high waist! My legs look longer. If you're going to try this trend though, I suggest you pick your shoes wisely. Avoid anything clunky or above the ankle. The shoes should have clean lines and show off your feet - or just go for spiky pumps, like I did.

And that is that. Hope you liked the look!

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