I'm trying to find new ways to wear my old clothes together. I've had this jacket for around two years now, and as much as I want to wear it more often, I just can't. It gets me very, very warm. Luckily, the cold and wet weather yesterday was the perfect condition to finally take it out again!

Folded & Hung shorts / Bench v-neck shirt / thrifted jacket / Doroty Perkins beanie / t0nic shoes / Pinkbox ring / Forever 21 belt

The idea for this look is fuss-free, comfy, but still with that "made you look!" factor. I wanted to keep dry from the rain so I avoided skirts and pants that will harbor the damp. I like shorts more for the rain since water evaporates faster from skin! The jacket I have on is basically a rain coat, which is pretty cool.

Anyway I'm just rambling. I'm just trying to sound interesting. :P You know last night I was at an event and the brand manager of this makeup brand said, we actually put you down as a fashion blogger! I was embarrassed. I'm a trying-hard fashion blogger. I want to be one but I just can't do it because I don't have a bottomless closet and I pose horribly.

It's funny that people sometimes think otherwise. 


And that's it! Hope you like the look. :)