Get rewarded for buying the things you need

Let’s see what I have in my wallet - I have some cash, coins, receipts, a couple of credit cards and a few discount and rewards cards. Hmm, I love the promos offered by my credit cards and I love earning rewards whenever I use my other cards to shop. Isn’t it just cool to get a little extra just for shopping? 

I buy a lot of basics. Our monthly grocery bill is around P8,000 (for two people 0_0) and the gas, maybe at P4,000. It would be awesome if I get something for my basic purchases. 


Well, I just found out about this really good news while I was passing by EDSA – there’s a credit card that gives up to 5% cash rebates on my essential spending – that means I can get cash rebates from my supermarket, gas and drugstore purchases! That’s great savings!


This credit card from EastWest, called the EastWest EveryDay MasterCard, gives up to 5% cash rebate on essential purchases at any supermarket, any gas station and any drugstore. Yup you read it right! ANY! I logged on to EastWest’s website just to make sure I read the billboard correctly and yes! 5% cash rebate it is!

A VERY simple condition on earning the 5% cash rebate is to use the EastWest EveryDay for at least P10,000 on non-essential (non-supermarket, non-gas and non-drugstore) purchases. Or cardholders can earn either 3% or 0.5% on essential purchases if they spend on non-essential purchases of P5,000 to below P10,000, or below P5,000, respectively.

And another great thing about this credit card is that there’s no redemption needed. Just earn the minimum accumulated cash rebates of P200 and your cash rebates shall be automatically credited to your EastWest EveryDay MasterCard account.

I computed the possible cash rebates I can get if I use it for my groceries and gas, and it turns out I can get P600 worth of cash rebates every month (since I spend a lot on other stuff too, like clothes, shoes, clothes, shoes, and clothes). Hey, there’s a lot that I can do with P600!

How about you? How much cash rebates can you earn with your EastWest EveryDay MasterCard? Go ahead, apply now! Visit to know more.

This post is brought to you by EastWest Bank.