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Get rewarded for buying the things you need

Let’s see what I have in my wallet - I have some cash, coins, receipts, a couple of credit cards and a few discount and rewards cards. Hmm, I love the promos offered by my credit cards and I love earning rewards whenever I use my other cards to shop. Isn’t it just cool to get a little extra just for shopping? 

I buy a lot of basics. Our monthly grocery bill is around P8,000 (for two people 0_0) and the gas, maybe at P4,000. It would be awesome if I get something for my basic purchases. 


Well, I just found out about this really good news while I was passing by EDSA – there’s a credit card that gives up to 5% cash rebates on my essential spending – that means I can get cash rebates from my supermarket, gas and drugstore purchases! That’s great savings!


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