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#SeeTheSigns: Join Avon's campaign against domestic violence

A couple of years ago, one of my clients hired a woman to help out with merchandising and operations. I enjoyed working with her because she was smart and always ready to learn - she was such a huge help since the team was very small at that time. However, she quit within the month if I remember correctly. Why? Her boyfriend gave her a hard time about spending too much time working. She started missing work and he started waiting for her to come out of the office like a stalker.

It was a sad situation, and I was sorry that she didn't choose to get out of it. I know it's none of my business but I wrote a lengthy, emphatic email explaining why she shouldn't have left her job for her boyfriend. I told her, if he controls her like this when they're not yet married, imagine how he'd be like once they tie the knot!

Yes, it's none of my business, but sometimes it has to be. There are many forms of domestic violence. It's not necessarily as direct or physically obvious like a black eye - it could be a partner limiting your economic situation like preventing you from keeping a job or cutting you off from your bank accounts/cards. It could be verbal like him telling you you're stupid or incompetent all the time. It could be emotional like him stalking you via text or preventing you from seeing your friends and family. 

Not really

There are signs - except, we tend to turn the other cheek because we don't want to interfere. We don't want to be labeled "pakialamera". I believe that there are boundaries we shouldn't cross and that everybody is entitled to privacy. But there are situations when we shouldn't keep our mouths shut. I mean, if you truly care about someone, shouldn't you be proactive, say something and offer solutions to ger her out of her misery?

That's why I love Avon's global #SeeTheSigns Campaign.

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Smart introduces service that nurtures a safe and connected family

Here's some news for all you fab and busy moms out there: Smart recently introduced their Family Ties Plans, which helps you stay constantly connected with members of the family while ensuring a safe and protected environment for children when they use their mobile devices.

With this plan, you no longer have to think twice about making that quick call to your son to check up on him at school or sending some sweet-nothings to your husband while at work because of the unlimited calling and texting features that come with the plan.

At the launch: Mompreneur and blogger Janice Villanueva and PR practitioner Ana Ongpin talk about how they juggle their family along with their hectic work schedules. Both love the new plan as it keeps them in touch with their kids and staff!

Here's the new TVC (which will air starting today):

Details of the Smart Family Ties Plans 

Families have two choices for their postpaid lines: Family Ties Plan 900 includes unlimited calling within the family circle, unlimited SMS to Smart subscribers and 200 all-network texts, as well as 100MB of free data for each line every month.

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Five tips on how to wake up with glowing skin

Did you know that your beauty regimen at night is just as important as your routine during the day? Oil and sun protection are your top concerns when the sun is out. However, it's easy to overlook dehydration and insufficient nourishment at night. This is the reason you sometimes wake up with a dull and tired-looking face!

Night time is the best time to allow your skin to recuperate from the day's stresses. It's when your body is resting completely that it is able to better absorb any nourishment you care to shower it. If you don't have a good night regimen yet, here are five things you can do that'll help you wake up with glowing skin every morning!

1. Double-cleanse your face. There's cleansing with facial wash, and then there's a thing called double-cleansing. This is a simple technique where you use a makeup remover first before you lather with your facial wash! It's okay to wash your face only once during the morning, but at night you would have accumulated a lot of dirt, oil, and bacteria on top of your makeup. It's absolutely important to be able to remove ALL of that before you move on to the rest of your night routine.

You can use a cleansing oil or water-based makeup remover to wipe off the makeup. Then, proceed to massage your face thoroughly with your preferred facial wash. I like the foamy ones, I feel they clean better. If you have dry skin though, you should go for non-foaming, non-soapy cleansers to keep your moisture barrier intact.

2. Allow your skin to indulge in a rich moisturizer. Due to the humidity in the Philippines, most of us prefer to use light, maybe even water-based moisturizers. These are great to wear during the day, but at night, we need something more moisturizing.

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Beauty is a weapon

Something's been nibbling at my brain lately. I think about it during odd moments of the day, trying to resolve some inner conflict about what being beautiful means to me. I have always believed that being beautiful is important but - why? This all started when I saw the Dove ad.

The message is simple, yet powerful: we are more beautiful than we think. According to the video, how we perceive ourselves physically affect the way we handle our relationships, the jobs we take, pretty much every aspect of our lives. Taken at face value, that sounds exceedingly shallow. Being beautiful certainly shouldn't be our raison d'être and/or the delicate scale by which we measure our self-worth. There are far more important and valuable things to nurture, such as our unique set of skills and talents, our knowledge, our love, kindness, and empathy for others. 

But we live in a world where people judge us by our looks. That's a hard fact to swallow, but it also makes sense to me as a survival instinct. We judge a person's face and the way he or she dresses and that impression guides us in our relationship with that person moving forward. Guide, not control, alright.

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Roses out of the blue

What would you do if you received a rose from a cute stranger? Beautiful love stories, real or imagined, begin that way. I was having dinner with friends when I received a teal rose from a good-looking dude. It had a small tag that says it's from Jorgen. I don't know who he is but no matter - it made my day!

The guy proceeded to hand out these lovely roses to every girl around our dinner group. I don't know about you, but I believe in the power of fowers. :) Just look at their faces! I'm sure they felt as special as I did upon receiving the rose.

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Estee Lauder x Michael Kors Giveaway

Oh boy do I have a treat for you! One lucky Project Vanity reader will win a Michael Kors pouch set from Estee Lauder. It's basically a small clutch full of Estee Lauder goodies! I love the design as it looks very classic and easy to match up with any outfit. ^_^ 

Basically, Estee Lauder would like help in reaching the 80,000 mark on their Facebook Page. Once this has been reached, all four blogger partners will raffle off an MK set each on their blogs. So let's make quick work out of it, yes? Like the EL Philippines page now!

Full mechanics

1. Like the Estee Lauder Philippines Facebook Page. Say hi on their page and let them know you came from Project Vanity. 

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Christmas treats from SMART

Are you feeling Christmas in the air? I sure am! It's not just the cool air in the evening - mornings are misty, more gentle. And the smell! The holiday season has a scent to it. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy but if you agree please assure me I'm not. :P

Anyway! I just thought to share Smart's Christmas promos. With the “All I Want for Christmas is Bro” holiday promo you get a FREE eco bag with every holiday purchase of a Bro product. The bag is entirely environmentally friendly and a good place to stash away all your new holiday beauty products, shopping or wardrobe for travel! 

Smart is also holding a massive contest where 50 winners shall receive a much-coveted gadget. If you want to join the fun, do check out the contest mechanics. (You can view bigger images by opening them in a new tab)

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Estee Lauder continues commitment to a world without breast cancer

It's been 20 years since Estee Lauder Companies launched their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Since then, it has been active in more than 70 countries and has raised more than $35 million to fund 140 Breast Cancer Research Foundation grants for medical research. This 20th year alone supports 13 research grants across the globe. 

This year's campaign theme is Courage. Believe in a world without breast cancer. Know we’re here until it’s true. This year’s empowering message highlights Estee Lauder's commitment to defeating breast cancer through education and medical research and celebrates hjgjthe life and legacy of BCA Campaign Founder and Pink Ribbon co-creator, Mrs. Evelyn H. Lauder, who passed last year. 

(Do read that link, it's a story on her by the New York Times.)

To celebrate, there will be a big press event on October 9 - quite exciting because I know they will illuminate a local landmark in pink! They also have a featured product

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Confidence is the best beauty mark

I was never the pretty girl growing up. I wasn't rich, either, nor did I have a sparkling personality to offset the ugliness and the lack of beautiful expensive things in my life. What I did have going for me was my intelligence. I wasn't the brightest in my class but I was the only one who devoured fiction and dreamed of worlds beyond my own, adventures beyond my imagination. 

What I had was a strong sense of identity and purpose. I knew who I am, what kind of skills were at my disposal, and I knew what I wanted out of my life. Was I wrong about how I identified myself or my goals? I think that's  the single biggest potential blow to anyone's self-confidence: how sure, how secure can you be about your identity and purpose? Answer: you're only as sure as you allow yourself to be. No one else should help you with that but yourself.

My motto then (and even now) is this: no guts, no glory. Or put less dramatically, if you don't do something, then nothing happens. That's just common sense but I know a lot of people who are afraid to try something because they're not perfect enough. Can't sing in public because they miss a few notes. Can't speak in public because they lisp. Can't wear a mini-skirt because they have marks on their legs. Can't quit a full-time job they hate because they're not sure they can make it as a freelancer.

Well I have news for you, toots: you'll never be perfect enough. Work with what you have and just. Do. It.

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Get rewarded for buying the things you need

Let’s see what I have in my wallet - I have some cash, coins, receipts, a couple of credit cards and a few discount and rewards cards. Hmm, I love the promos offered by my credit cards and I love earning rewards whenever I use my other cards to shop. Isn’t it just cool to get a little extra just for shopping? 

I buy a lot of basics. Our monthly grocery bill is around P8,000 (for two people 0_0) and the gas, maybe at P4,000. It would be awesome if I get something for my basic purchases. 


Well, I just found out about this really good news while I was passing by EDSA – there’s a credit card that gives up to 5% cash rebates on my essential spending – that means I can get cash rebates from my supermarket, gas and drugstore purchases! That’s great savings!


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The Belo Men ads: on irony and hypocrisy

This is a little late I know but I thought I'd share my two cents anyway. The protest train has come and gone, Belo has apologized and taken down the ads. But I thought this is a worthy point of discussion, particularly about irony and hypocrisy.

Last Sunday, Belo Men has released a new campaign promoting their whitening range for guys. Three ads came out showing a conyo guy who is supposedly 10% lighter and thus 100% more sosyal and attractive. 

The knee-jerk reaction is that the ads are racist and promotes social stratification. But you know what? I think they're funny (while wrongly promoting social stratification, though definitely not racist)! The ads are tasteless but what Belo has here is self-deprecating sarcasm. Notice how the guy has a Kia - an old, far from sosy car. That's your giveaway. If there were only two ads or if his car is say, an Audi, I would think that Belo is being an asshole. But they're just trying to be funny, even going so far as to poke fun at their target market and even themselves.

Okay let's backtrack. From the car ad, we see a good looking guy throwing his keys at a valet in a swanky place. But he speaks in over-the-top conyoese and drives an old Kia, which means that he's not rich but that he's trying to climb the social grapevine.

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What's up: Pond's, L'Oreal Mythic Oil, Avon Anew

Here's whats been happening in the beauty industry! For your information. ;)

Be Part Of The Beauty Buzz with Pond's

Visit the “Pond’s Institute” Manila booth at the SM Mall of Asia’s Main Mall Atrium and be one of the privileged ladies to experience beauty and technology when you join Pond’s beauty activities from June 15 to July 4. Get a free skin analysis and a derma consultation every Saturday and Sunday. 

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