At 25 I think that my style has sort of "settled down". Well it wasn't that crazy to begin with but now that I know what works for me, I don't experiment so much anymore. I like pastels, dainty colors mostly, and a healthy mix of neutrals to keep everything grounded. As for silhouettes, I know to make my shoulders look narrow, to bare my collarbone, and create a waist where it's almost non-existent.

These are things I learned over the course of years! I wish there was someone to tell me about it earlier. I could have saved a lot of time, money, and grief over ill-fitting clothes. 

Remember my fashion battle plan? I've been keeping true to it! Here's something I wore the afternoon of the Magnum event. I was there to check out the preparations so I just wore a casual outfit that's easy to move around in. 

Fresh flowers

Kashieca knit top / Thrifted pleather skater skirt / Gold Dot flats / Pinkbox accessories

I changed into a dress and high heels for the actual party. This dress, can I just say, was such a lucky find! I didn't really have time to scout for something to wear before the event, so that same morning I went to the mall to hunt for something. Anything! I only had 15 minutes to do it too since I needed to be at a meeting. Long story short, I finally came upon this gorgeous find from Karimadon. Guess what, it's only P1,300! My budget was P3,000 but good thing I found this one!

Karimadon dress / Pinkbox accessories / Ferretti heels

I finally got these Ferretti heels after mooning over them for a while. They're ultra light; I even managed to wear them for a good three hours before I had to change into flats. Not bad for five-inch heels! 

So there you go. <3 Hope you liked the looks!