The fashion chameleon's best friend: Veloci Watch

Hey folks! Can I just say that I'm super touched by all the entries I got on the Project Vanity event. I spotted some old readers there, and even new ones who managed to read the 1,700+ posts in only a few weeks! I'm overwhelmed (in a good way) and very happy to know how this blog has helped you even in small ways like trying out a new look. <3 Makes me even more psyched for the event! 

Anyways, today I want to review the Veloci Watch (P2,750) that I got a couple of months ago. It's an Italian-inspired (but made in Japan) watch that comes with three different Asprey straps in one kit. Really cool if you like changing your watch per outfit.

Veloci is a great everyday watch for me since the straps are tough, washable, and super light. The watch face itself is a little bigger than I'm used to but that's the look, I suppose! The silver and pink face can be easily matched with most of my girly outfits. Oh and of course, I can buy a new strap whenever I feel like it.

The straps that come with the watch are actually from Asprey and can be purchased separately for P350. It comes in lots of other colors and prints, I think, so you can play around with any look you can think of.

Just a heads up, these straps are rather long so if you have skinny writsts (like mine. Just about the only skinny thing on my body lol!) you will sort of have to loop it backwards. It's not a hassle nor does it look odd, but you should ask the store to cut the strap for you if it's way too long.

So cute! I like the white strap best compared to the pink and stripes. I want a sort of lime green or a mustard yellow next time. There's actually an L Time Studio stall in Market Market so I plan to purchase there. :D

There you go. :) To know more about VELOCI watches you can check them out in various ASPREY stores, selected LTIMESTUDIO boutiques, and TIME GEAR boutiques. You can also follow for more updates.