NACCARA Pearls from SM

I was in SM Bacoor with my mom yesterday. I wasn't particularly intent on buying jewelry, until I saw these NACCARA Pearls in the department store!

These earrings were the first thing that caught my eye. I'm not particularly fond of earrings, but I really love how delicate this pair looked, with its tiny majorica pearls and inset stones. It also didn't hurt that these were only P299! They frame my face well, unlike other earrings I've tried before.

Then I saw the ring. I keep imagining the Eye of Sauron whenever I see this, I don't know why! But I love its heft and ornate design. It's perfect for cocktail parties. I got it for P349.

This bracelet made of strands of freshwater pearls is gorgeous - in a quiet way. It's not something I would normally go for because it's too...conservative, but I like how it has this glow. Well duh they are pearls, but I just find them so pretty. I don't know if I'll wear this bracelet much, but I'm happy to just look at them. It's a bit more expensive than the others at P599, but I think it's worth it. 

My mom was dubious about the authenticity of these pearls, and I was too, so I did a little googling. I found that real pearls (freshwater or not) feel gritty when you rub them on a tooth. It's the texture of the nacre, or the calcium carbonate that the mollusk accumulates over time in layers. The bracelet I bought is made of real pearls - but they're of the freshwater sort and cultivated in mussels so they're not as valuable as those created in oysters. 

The ring and the earrings are made from majorica pearls, or man-made pearls. They're basically glass balls coated in a special, iridescent paste. For a while, I was a bit worried that NACCARA is advertising their products falsely because the two pieces I got failed the tooth test, but then that's all cleared up now!

In any case, fake or not, I got these pieces for a great price. I'm looking forward to wearing them. I bought my mom a pair of plain pear earrings because her style is a lot less loud than mine, and she says she loves 'em. The brand has other gorgeous designs, you should check them out sometime if you're in an SM Department store.