Review: The good ol' Body Shop Body Butter

These days, there are a ton of products old and new in the market that it can sometimes get confusing for an average consumer to find something worth buying. There's also a deluge of enticing promises that can get us off kilter once we're in a department store - it's more difficult when there are actually good products that deliver. So how should we deal with it? 

The best way to go about is to find out for yourself what you need exactly. What are your skin concerns, if any? Dry skin? Blemishes? Eyebags? Oily lids? Chapped lips or do you just need something moisturizing with SPF? Once you have your needs specified and in order, you can start choosing the products that can help you. Believe me, there is probably something for whatever beauty concern you might have! You just need to do some prioritizing and research.

Now I've put that thought bubble out there, I'd like to talk about an institution in the world of body moisturizers. The Body Shop Body Butters (P695) have been around since the 80's and has consistently been the brand's best-selling line. It's not surprising, really, since there is something that sets these Body Butters apart from all the others: the scent. 

It's a given that these body moisturizers are moisturizing, but their scent is quite unique, and not in a fake chemical way. If the cap says Cherry, it will probably smell like cherry. If it says Pink Grapefruit, you can reasonably expect grapefruit wafting from the creamy lotion. The scent can be overpowering when you start applying it, but it mellows down into something softer after a couple of hours. The smell doesn't go away even if the moisturizer has dried - a big plus if you prefer your perfume in the form of body lotions.

I always skip perfume whenever I use the TBS Body Butters. The smell lingers as it is, so there's no need to use a separate scent for the day. Conversely, when I prefer to use a true perfume, I skip these moisturizers since they interfere with the sprayed scent.

Moringa is a sweet, floral scent that dries down into a powdery accord

Pink Grapefruit has a sharp citrus scent that's juicy and refreshing

The texture of the cream itself is luxurious, creamy, and easy to spread. However, you would have to set aside a few minutes in your routine to wait for it to absorb completely. There's an initial greasy feel if you apply too much, but it goes away once the moisturizer dries.

Overall, The Body Shop Body Butters are pretty good scented moisturizers that can substitute for your favorite scents. They're very relaxing especially if you use them after a bath; your whole room will smell heavenly. My personal favorite is the Moringa variant since I am partial to florals and it seems to work with my body chemisty.

Now, these body lotions are a bit on the pricey side at P695, but you're really paying for the scent. A 200mL will last you a few months so I think the price is ok - besides, the body butters go on promo prices every so often.

Have you tried the TBS Body Butters? How did you find them? Which scent is your fave?