Vitacreme B12 Body Milk

Vitacreme B12 is a relatively new skincare brand here in the Philippines, but I hear that it's been making a name for itself since 2006. The Vitacreme B12 Regenerative Cream is popular in Asia and the US, with users claiming that it moisturized and evened out their faces pretty well.

Nonetheless, when the brand contacted me for a review, I requested to the Vitacreme B12 Body Milk (P2,495) instead. I have too many face moisturizers as it is! Anyway, I've been looking for info about the body milk online with little success; the product packaging doesn't help much in specifying what it actually does. I did find a useful product description on

  • It corrects the skin suffering from fatigue, dehydration, aging or dullness.
  • It enhances skin’s resilience and firmness.
  • It prevents premature wrinkling.
  • It smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It reduces the appearance of visible pores.
  • It replenishes skin with moisture and nourishment. 
  • It smoothes or alleviates new or old scars caused by acne or insect bites.
  • It soothes damaged skin caused by prolonged exposure to sun.'
  • It helps cure chafing rash.
  • It comforts shaved skin.

Pink cream!

It sounds quite the wonder product eh? But I do agree with some of these claims. Indeed, the Vitacreme B12 Body Milk can moisturize like there's no tomorrow. It's a rich, heavy cream that can do wonders for dehydrated and/or mature skin. It's also soothing, so if you have any minor skin irritations, this may help calm them a bit (do a patch test first before you apply this all over though).

I like that my skin becomes very smooth after a couple of uses, but I personally find this a bit thick and greasy for my skin. It's probably because I don't have dry skin to begin with. In any case, this isn't something I'd go for everyday, but you can bet that this will be my first choice whenever my skin gets parched (as it does once in a while).

I highly recommend this for women who suffer from dry skin and/or dry patches in their elbows, knees, and heels. If you get a lot of insect bites or razor burns, this can also double a nice soothing lotion. It's also perfect for mature skin as it has anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties.

As for me, I like using this on my hands and cuticles. I do my nails regularly so that particular area dries up a lot.

Vitacreme B12 is available in SM Megamall Department Store, SM North Edsa Department Store, SM Makati Department Store and SM Mall Of Asia Department Store. You can also find Vitacreme B12 on Facebook!