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Little boxes made of ticky tacky

I like, nay, LOVE boxes. It's a good thing that my line of work ensures that I recieve boxes regularly. Wait, that can be a bad thing. I don't know. It doesn't matter!

Ok, before I start babbling endlessly I just want to share some of my new boxes and how I've recycled them.

I recieved this vintagey box from the Belo team (thanks Denise!). It's actually the same box that Ferretti in Glorietta uses to house accessories! It's cute and it's roomy. I decided to use it for storing products I have yet to review since it's easier to keep track of them this way.

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Avon Desert Oasis Collection

Here's an Avon post...again! I can't help it. Avon is probably the biggest supporter of Project Vanity. They don't pay me or anything, if you're curious. They just send me their latest products to try and it works out so well because I've been a huge fan of Avon even since I was a teen. Anyway, just the other day they gave me three bags of products not just for me, but for YOU! Yup, I'm going to have another major giveaway soon. If you haven't joined the current one, please do!

Today I want to share something they sent me a couple of weeks back. It's one of their newer collections called Desert Oasis, one inspired by the glittering sands of the hot dunes. The collection is quite extensive, with underwear, sandals, accessories, and bags under it. I have a few of them here. Check out the photos!

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Guilty pleasures

I love dainty containers, boxes, and paper bags. I used to collect paper bags from the stores I shopped in, then eventually from the brands who sent me their wares, but I had to throw them out since space is precious. I would keep special boxes though (like from Pond's - they pack stuff in the best, beribboned boxes!) and some paper bags that I know I won't easily come across. I also keep some pretty boxes that come with makeup.

Small pouches and containers are also a secret addiction. I have quite a lot lying around in the condo because I just can't bear to throw them away! What if I need them someday? I do use them someday, eventually. Other people would call it recycling but I'd call it hoarding.

Anyway, I'd like to show you one of my favorite containers. This one is pretty special to me because I bought it in Boracay. I haven't seen it around in Manila so maybe it's not one of those mass-produced things. In any case the shell is real and not plastic, making me feel like it would bear pearls whenever I hold it. Oh day dreams.

I thought it would be a nice accessory keeper so I stuffed all my Avon accessories from their summer collection (launched last March).

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The Avon Fashions Summer Launch

My grandmother was an Avon Lady for many years. Because of the brand, she helped my Lolo put my mother and her siblings through college during the 70's.

She got interested in makeup because of Avon, and she actually made a career out of it. My earliest memories were of her bringing me and my cousins to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where she did the makeup of theater and concert artists in her heyday. We got to watch plays, of course! She has pictures with Lea Salonga and Pops Fernandez. 

She was a kind and cool Lola to have. She bought us clothes, made us up. I think it was from her that my mother and I got our love for all things related to fashion and beauty. My mother is actually an Avon Lady too, although she doesn't sell. She just likes the 20% discount, lol.

That being said, I grew up with Avon. The first makeup I ever got to play with was from Avon. My pre-teen bras were from Avon. It's a brand that my family's life is closely intertwined with, so I was glad when I got to attend one of their yearly launches.

Avon launched three categories: lingerie, jewelry, and accessories. The newest collections are inspired by themes: Kaleidoscope Summer (bright and bold), Tutti Frutti (flirty colors), One Love (hippie movement), Spring Fantasy (dainty and subdued), Ode To Leaves (the shades of a lush garden), Pool Party (blue and cool), Bouquet of Memories (nostalgic and timeless), Black Rose (the sophistication of the color black), and Men's Club (for the boys).

Guests were asked to shop in three rooms: the jewelry room featuring Avon's latest trinkets, accessories room holding the bags, belts, wallets, and shoes, and the lingerie room containing the brand's summer-worthy wear

Ruffa Gutierrez was the shining host of the night! Bianca Gonzales joined her as Avon's newest endorser

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