A bright blue summer

My healthy obsession with blue is far, far from over. It's the color of my summer because it feels so cool and calm, a sharp contrast to the burning heat outside! Blue puts me in a good mood, is all. I have no idea why some of the connotations of blue are sadness and melancholia.

Anyways, I just wanted to share more blue outfits that I've worn recently, plus the new blue Aldo bag that I got last Friday!

Nine West bag / Forever 21 blazer / Bench dress / Ferretti pumps / Pinkbox leather bracelet

I immediately grabbed this candy-striped Bench dress when I saw it on the racks. I normally don't like bold stripes (horizontal ones at that!) but I like the color combination and the dress looked so flattering on me. It's not photogenic but it looks much better in person.

Bench capris and white v-neck / Forever 21 blazer / Ferretti pumps

Is it obvious that I'm digging this electric blue blazer from Forever 21? It fits well and it's not thick at all, so this blazer is very much summer-friendly.

Ahh, here we have the bag (cool, it even has a name - Revera). I've been scouring the stores for the perfect bright blue bag, but I've discarded the ones I've seen because they're not blue enough, or the right size, or had the right details. Well I have seen one from Nine West (been mooning over it for over a month now) but I didn't want to spend almost P6,000 on it. Of course the price point has to be right, as well.

The Aldo Revera bag fits my specifications. It's the bright shade of blue I wanted and it's fairly affordable. So there!

Expect to see more blueness in the near future. Haha! How about you, what's your summer color? Any particular shade you've been wearing a lot lately?