The daisy white

Last week I organized and hosted the first ever event for bloggers by Burt's Bees in the Philippines. What can I say - it was fun! All our favorite beauty influencers were there so it was an intimate, chill event. We made some daisy flower crowns, had our pictures taken by top photographer Shaira Luna, and of course talked about Burt's Bees brightening skincare system, Daisy White

Photo credit: Ariane

More on these products soon! For now, here's what I wore last Friday! (If you're interested haha. I'm not an exciting dresser, truth be told).


The thing about having themed outfits during events you organized is that you have to be the best example for it, haha. I searched high and low for the perfect white dress, or at least all-white outfit, and I'm so happy I found this in Topshop!

The perfect dress for me would be something that defines my waist, slims down my arms, and shows off my legs (sneaky snicker). That sounds easy BUT IT'S NOT. Either a dress has no sleeves, is too bulky, made out of crappy fabric, etc. I'm just happy I managed to spot this after like two hours of walking around the mall!


It has those trendy and annoying side-cut panels but they barely show up so I don't mind. Anyway, accessories were minimal, and I wore it with my Stradivarius platforms.


In keeping with the natural philosophy of Burt's Bees, I wore only minimal, enhancing makeup. An even base (Bourjois CC Crea + Ellana foundation), brown eyeliner (Happy Skin Gel Pencil Liner in Chic Brown), a bit of gold eyeshadow (Inglot), and some tinted lip color (Burt's Bees of course!) were all enough for the day. Oh, that's Eula of Eula Sleeps up there! She took these awesome pics by the way. ^_^

(I miss her already! She's off to the US soon. :c )


And here we are with May Samson, the Brand Manager of Burt's Bees Philippines. I've known May ever since I was a struggling blogger, and I can't describe just how honored I am that she tapped me to work with her brand. All these years, the coffee dates, the life advice - I can truly say she's one of my friends in the beauty industry. 

Rambled a bit there, haha. Hope you liked the look!