I watched an Adventure Time episode called "Jake The Brick" this morning. Basically, Jake the Dog (who can transform his shape into anything) decides to become a brick in an old shack that is falling apart. He is literally a brick, doing nothing, waiting for the shed to crumble. He thinks that the meaning of life (or at least something profound) will reveal itself to him once the whole infirm structure crashes down. 

While being a brick, he witnesses a bunny digging up a carrot. A buck steals the carrot so the bunny goes to sleep hungry. Later that night, a summer storm threatened to flood the bunny's little den. However a group of beavers arrive to set up a dam, thus preventing the water from flooding the bunny's home. The bunny is happy but just as he was about to sleep, the buck from yesterday comes by and destroys the only home the bunny ever knew.

The bunny then investigates his surroundings, finds a hole in a tree, and settles down to sleep in it. He didn't seem that upset. Jake is astounded and says, "Ladies and gentlemen, this bunny is indomitable! Who cares about being a brick in a falling down shack? There's something bigger than that, and this bunny has the answers." Jake then stops being a brick and moves on with his life.

And that, my friends, is why I love Adventure Time. :) My takeaway is that often we choose to stay in a bad, unhappy situation, doing nothing, for fear of being in further pain or uncertainty. At the end of the day though it's better to let life run its course - chance bad times, enjoy the good - knowing that you'll be okay no matter what happens. It just depends on your willingness to adapt and evolve.  

On a totally unrelated note, here is something I wore last week! I enjoyed this one because it's almost costume-y, except, it works. 

Dress from SM Woman, yellow blouse from Topshop, knotted headband from Tokyo, shoes from Parisian

Dress from SM Woman, yellow blouse from Topshop, knotted headband from Tokyo, shoes from Parisian

I wore this to an event and then drinks with friends at this place called Moonshine in Jupiter St. Makati. Loved the ambiance so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to snap a couple of pictures. ^_^

Hope you like the look! And tell me what you think of Adventure Time!