The Outfit Diary

Friday fun day! I don't have many things planned today other than work. I just need to attend a hot yoga class (been remiss this week, so terribly busy). I'm on an unlimited monthly membership at Yoga+ and it would be a waste to not attend at least three classes a week.

Anyway before I devolve into a full-on ramble I thought I'd share a few outfits from the last 30 days. Yes, I told you I gave up on documenting all my outfits here - but that doesn't mean I don't Instagram them (@lizlanuzo y'all)! IG is a great way to keep track of the things I wear and use. I don't have time to remember everything so I must turn to IG to keep some details of my life in one scrollable place. Heh.

Forever 21 top and shorts, Ferretti shoes, Cuzo bag, Promod necklace

This is what I had on yesterday. I stepped out for a quick meeting, not too formal, so I was just in casual clothes. I don't have much time to dress myself these days - five minutes tops - so a funky or sharp shirt matched with shorts is my "formula" so to speak. Then I wear my comfiest shoes, but with some height to them. Personal preference. I feel plain in flats. 

Those ribboned platforms up there are from Ferretti. My favorite shoe brand, if you must know. ;) These slip-on platforms are so light and so easy to walk in! Although I do have to watch my balance in uneven ground, these platforms are a great addition to my 5-minute outfit.

Thrifted top, Suite Blanco Shorts, Skechers shoes, Tory Burch bag

And here's my other look from a couple of days ago. I just literally threw this on! It's another variation of The Formula, except with a dressy shirt. I got that old top from a thrift store for P80. Seriously. I've been searching for the perfect white shirt then and suddenly, I see it in a dusty rack of second-hand clothing. What luck. This is one of my best finds.

Forever 21 top, L'Indochine necklace, Maldita skirt, Pinkbox bangles, Ferretti wedges

This is what I consider "dressed up". :P I really enjoyed swishing around in these clothes! Black is the new black so all the fasyon people are in it. Not kidding, go to a party with the fashionable set and 80% of them are in black. Don't care. It's the best way for me to look more shapely. 

And here's something I had on for the Clinique event some weeks back. I will always have that dainty flair if the time and occasion allows. ;) Again wearing shoes from Ferretti. I have three of these pumps in different colors, and they are my second favorite style from the brand. The first one is the black wedge (worn with the slit skirt up there). They're super comfy and go with practically anything.

So there you go, my outfit diary! Of sorts. ^_^ What's your 5-minute outfit formula by the way?

Have a fabulous weekend, girls!