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Mosbeau for "most beautiful"

I'm not a huge fan of overall body whitening simply because I think that Filipina skin is beautiful. It has a golden warmth to it that can never compare to the pale complexion of the Japanese, Koreans, or Caucasians. Why whiten when you're already born with a gorgeous shade? That's just me though. I also believe that a girl (or guy) should do whatever makes her feel most confident and most beautiful.

That said, while I'm not into whitening, I think it's essential that we try to lighten our darker areas. Mosbeau presents some possible solutions with some of its best-selling products: the Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream and the Placenta White All-In-One Set.

The Mosbeau Underarm and Thigh Cream (P980) is supposed to lighten the aforementioned areas by inhibiting the production of melanin.

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