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Worth the splurge: How I became a fan of the Foreo Luna 3 for cleansing + facial massage

As PV’s resident acid addict, I honestly never thought I’d get into physical exfoliation again. But after getting recurrent forehead pimples in the past few months, I finally realized that my facial wash wasn’t enough to fully remove my sunscreen. I started incorporating an oil remover into my daily routine even on no-makeup days in an effort to remove the sunscreen better. Though I had been washing my face correctly, I was a little bit shocked to learn that there were impurities that even my most trusted cleansing products couldn’t remove.

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Are these under P400 Miniso facial gadgets good? Here’s the result of our test!

As PV’s resident beauty gadgets girl, I have a mini collection of beauty devices that have helped my super oily skin keep clear of acne. To be honest, I’d probably purchase more, if not for the prohibitive price tags on these electronics. I’ve always stuck with established high-end brands like Foreo and Clarisonic so I had to wonder: would cheaper ones work as well as my favorites? 

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