Cheap n' good: Beauty Cosmetics Brushes

I am of the opinion that when something is too good to be true, it often isn't. That's why I would rather invest in my things instead of going for cheap disposable products that seemed like a great deal at first but end up being total crap later on. It really is more practical to spend on the good stuff now instead of buying replacements later!

However I can say this because I have the disposable income. If you're a student or if your budget is tight for beauty products then there's always a passably good alternative to pricey items if you know where to look. ^_^ Today I would like to direct your eyes to some Beauty Cosmetics Brushes I purchased several weeks back. A reader requested for a review so I got curious.

I spent a total of P650 on all four brushes. YES. Seriously. The Multi-Task Brush (top) for face and cheeks is only P250, the Fan Brush is P150, the Tapered Blending Brush is P130, and the Detail Brush is P110. I'm quite impressed by how soft and well-formed the bristles are. The sleek black handles also feel classy and not too fragile - if I didn't know these brushes are practically dirt cheap, I wouldn't have believed you if you told me they are.

They could be more dense IMHO. I also experienced quite a bit of fall out from the Multi-Task Brush, unfortunately, but it's still not too bad considering the price.

I like the Multi-Task Brush because it's great for buffing in heavy coverage powders and liquids, as well as blending out pigments. The Fan Brush is nice for apply a super light layer of finishing powder or highlighter, the way Lisa Eldridge uses hers. The Tapered Blending Brush is similar to the famous MAC 217 - just a lot less dense, but it works to apply and blend eyeshadows nicely. The Detail Brush is stiff and small and the right size for putting in shadow on the outer v or smudging eyeliner.

I'm quite pleased with my Beauty Cosmetics Brushes so far. I wouldn't say I would prefer them over more established brands as the hair fall is a bit bothersome, but they will do on a budget. You must try the Tapered Blending Brush and the Multi-Task Brush! They're pretty good.

Have you come across this brush brand? How's your experience?

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