Editor's Review: The Makeup Revolution Solid Brush Cleaner

I've tried many brush soaps before but honestly, I always end up using Joy dishwashing fluid when I run out of the soap. Sometimes not even then! Joy isn't sexy nor professional-sounding when it comes to cleaning makeup brushes, but it does the job efficiently and cheaply. Other alternatives are Dove soap and baby shampoo but I always have Joy so I never bother to stock the other two.


When Sharlene of Lannel Boutique (an online makeup store) sent over a few products for me to try, she also included the Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Sanitising Solid Brush Cleaner (P750 for 100ml). This is a soap stored in a big plastic jar which should allow one to swirl even big face brushes comfortably to get a good sud going. I like it a lot! It works well in removing even water-resistant makeup from my tools, plus it's scentless and keeps the hair from frizzing.

How it works is simple enough: get your brush wet, swirl it around the solid brush cleaner jar, then lather and rinse after. If there's still makeup left, repeat. Of course, the thicker the makeup is, the more passes I have to do per brush. Eye makeup brushes clean in one to two rinses, but foundation brushes can take four to five. I also use this soap with sponge blenders and they work well with it too.

In the photos you can see how dirty my brushes can get. Once they're washed with this soap, they're as good as new.


The question remains though: do you absolutely need a brush soap? Well, no, you really don't. Clear shampoo or dishwashing fluid can do the same thing and for a lot less money. However, if you're especially meticulous about cleaning your brushes and enjoy the soap-in-jar format (it is a bit easier cleaning the brush right on the surface) then the Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Sanitising Solid Brush Cleaner is for you! The soap melts and washes off the makeup easily. And I do like the scentless feature - important if you work with clients and would like to keep your brushes neutral-smelling.

Do you use brush soaps? Why or why not?