How to have salon hair from home with the Wet Brush and Kiss Instawave Curler

Hair can do SO MUCH for one’s appearance, yet it is the hardest for me to put some effort into. I studied it a bit as part of my makeup artist training, and though I know how style hair, I rarely touch my own. See, I have crazy hair fall, so doing anything more than breathing puts me in anxiety over additional loss of strands.

While the products we apply to our hair and scalp do matter, it's important to revisit the tools we use, too. Thankfully, two new awesome hair tools have made their way to the Philippines, and they’re making hairstyling so much easier!


Liz has raved about the Wet Brush for years now, and know that I've tried it myself, I can see why. Armed with Intelliflex® bristles and soft tips, these brushes are designed to respond to particular scalp situations so that it can be flexible or firm at the right moment, allowing the bristles to detangle without pulling!


I use a super wide-tooth comb to manage my post-shower hair. The teeth are spaced about 1.25cm apart. It does the job, but after trying Wet Brush, I noticed that it was way more soothing on the scalp. It also seems to have lessened my hair fall by half!

Wet Brush offers a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors. I have the full-size Detangle variant in Orange Mosaic, and it goes for P899. There are other designs, sizes, and variants of Wet Brush, including a roller brush for blow-drying.

Another cool new gizmo is the Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler, which Liz has demo-ed it right in the intro of this FB live. Similar to a traditional curling iron, the Kiss Instawave heats your hair on a barrel. The barrel is made of hair-safe ceramic and utilizes far infrared heat and negative ions to reduce frizz and damage.

The cool bit about this curling gadget is that it did away with the traditional barrel clip and instead replaced it with an automatic rotating wand and prongs. You only need to place the tool near the ends of your hair, and the prongs' rotating motion will automatically twist your hair up the barrel for you! Once the section of hair is secure, hold the clockwise or counterclockwise rotate button, and release when you feel like you’ve twisted up as far as you safely or comfortably can. The curler will make a soft beep after 8 seconds, indicating the ideal time to keep your hair wrapped up in the Kiss Instawave. You can then remove the curler from your hair, or wait just a few extra seconds more for a longer-wearing curl.


I absolutely love big, bouncy waves but find it too labor-intensive to do on myself. A short trial with this gadget allowed me to finish curling all my hair in just 10 minutes, as opposed to 30 with a traditional curling iron!

Do you have hairfall problems like I do? How do you manage styling your hair? Would you give these new ones a try?

Wet Brush and Kiss Instawave are available in selected Watsons stores and SM Department Stores nationwide.