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How to have salon hair from home with the Wet Brush and Kiss Instawave Curler

Hair can do SO MUCH for one’s appearance, yet it is the hardest for me to put some effort into. I studied it a bit as part of my makeup artist training, and though I know how style hair, I rarely touch my own. See, I have crazy hair fall, so doing anything more than breathing puts me in anxiety over additional loss of strands.

While the products we apply to our hair and scalp do matter, it's important to revisit the tools we use, too. Thankfully, two new awesome hair tools have made their way to the Philippines, and they’re making hairstyling so much easier!

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VS Sassoon Ceramic Jetset Dryer

Summer is usually the time when I get terminally bored with my hair. It's also super hot so a girl must suffer a haircut, or at least a trim! Good thing Hair Philosophie took care of that for me. As for styling my hair at home, I bought a hair blower a couple of weeks ago to help with the frizz.

Well...actually I bought the blower mainly for my dog. :P I've never owned one before so I don't have the slightest clue on how to maximize it! I thought Snaps could use some quick drying after a bath, although I swiftly found out that he is deathly scared of the machine. Oh well. I might as well use it on myself.

I went to Watsons to buy a VS Sassoon blower because I heard of good reviews. They were at 10% off too, with a two year warranty on all the products. Not bad! I wanted to buy the pink hair dryer because it's the most affordable (less than P1,300 I think?) but I got talked into buying the bigger one called the VS Sasson Ceramic Jetset Dryer at P1,800 (price after the discount so I guess the original price is ~P2,000). 

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