The life-changing magic of the Wet Brush

If you have wavy, fine hair like mine then you know the infinite and often rather literal pain of detangling it while it's still wet. That's why the Wet Brush - a brush designed specifically for detangling wet hair - was such a game changer for me when I first tried it two years ago. It's been in my dresser ever since! I even got a smaller version for my tennis bag so I can brush my hair in peace after working out.

What made me fall in love with the Wet Brush was how bendy the bristles are. The brush "bed" is bouncy, too, so the whole brush feels like a soft caress on my scalp rather than tiny irritating sparring gloves. My cheap brushes and combs also pulled out my weak hair - to someone like me who inherited a head prone to early baldness, every strand is to be mourned. These are all the reasons I used to dread combing my wet hair but it's now so much more manageable with the Wet Brush! Less hair fall = undying loyalty.

Fast forward to today and I hear that the Wet Brush now has a new line called Custom Care available in the PH. It has three different brushes for three hair types: Normal Hair, Thick Hair, and Thin Hair (all at P699 each). The Wet Brush I've been using for years now is most similar to the one for Normal hair, so I'm curious to see how the design specifically for thin hair like mine performs.

The bristle pattern of the Wet Brush for Normal Hair is more even and dense, while the pattern for Thick Hair is more like a scattered diamond. The one for Thin Hair is more sparse so as not to pull out strans. To give you guys a better picture, I had Angela and Kim from the PV Team try out the two other brushes. Let's see what they think!

Kim says, "I can easily say that this is the best brush I've ever used for detangling wet hair. Granted, I'm not the biggest hair person, but the Wet Brush has made a convert out of me! I've quit using conditioner since two months ago (derma's advice) and have been putting up my hair in a bun for the most part. It's just because detangling wet hair has been a literal pain! This has solved my problem in an instant! The flexible bristles never pull on hair but still manages to detangle effectively.

My only wish is that it were also available in a more travel-friendly size! The large head also doesn't offer much in the way of styling opportunities. Still keeping it in my bag though because of how effective it is. I also like using it on dry hair if only to relax my scalp with the soft bristles."

As for Angela, who has the thickest, lushest hair I've seen, "I really like the Wet Brush. It easily detangled my hair without breaking it. Its bristles are soft enough not to cause any damage but sturdy enough to be able to brush my hair nicely. It also helped my hair dry faster! My hair became soft and shiny after using the Wet Brush and honestly, it's the best brush I've tried so far. I also like that it's not heavy at all so I can bring it anywhere."

My verdict is similarly positive. I like that the Thin Hair brush doesn't pull out my hair and makes it easy for me to work out the tangles. I use conditioner only once or twice a week since my hair becomes flat on top way too easily, so having this brush helps me deal with no conditioner days swimmingly.

Here's also something I notice over time with the Wet Brush compared to using my long comb: It effectively "separates" my waves without causing too much frizz. It's one of those things you just have to try to believe. I know it's a stretch to even consider how a good hair brush can majorly change your hair, but it's certainly possible.

So there you go. You can find the Wet Brush at select Watsons and SM Beauty Stores. Have you tried one before? What do you think?

This story is brought to you by Wet Brush Philippines.