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The five types of hair brushes you didn't think you needed

Hair, as they say, is your crowning glory. Great hair can really be a nice finishing touch to an A-game face but when it comes to my curls, I find its best to leave them alone. Before I learned to love them, I went through the whole phase of getting them rebonded regularly and using a straightening iron to remove any kinks. I use gentle shampoo formulas, conditioners and a lot of hair treatments to keep them in good shape, but I never brush my hair!  

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How to have salon hair from home with the Wet Brush and Kiss Instawave Curler

Hair can do SO MUCH for one’s appearance, yet it is the hardest for me to put some effort into. I studied it a bit as part of my makeup artist training, and though I know how style hair, I rarely touch my own. See, I have crazy hair fall, so doing anything more than breathing puts me in anxiety over additional loss of strands.

While the products we apply to our hair and scalp do matter, it's important to revisit the tools we use, too. Thankfully, two new awesome hair tools have made their way to the Philippines, and they’re making hairstyling so much easier!

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Nine last minute gifts to grab for your beauty junkie friend

As you read this, I’ll probably be at the mall making a mad dash to finish all my Christmas shopping. Yes, I have once again procrastinated on buying gifts as I have done all the years before, and I finally figured out why: I simply have no idea what to get for some people on my list!

The easiest people to shop for were all my friends who are into beauty as well. My plan was simple: if I want it, they probably would, too! But there are many different types of beauty addictions so if you want to really curate according to what they’re into, here’s a quick easy guide to follow.

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The life-changing magic of the Wet Brush

If you have wavy, fine hair like mine then you know the infinite and often rather literal pain of detangling it while it's still wet. That's why the Wet Brush - a brush designed specifically for detangling wet hair - was such a game changer for me when I first tried it two years ago. It's been in my dresser ever since! I even got a smaller version for my tennis bag so I can brush my hair in peace after working out.

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