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Why Guerlain L’Essentiel makes me want to wear luxury foundation everyday

Your girl loves a luxury foundation. Although it’s not necessary for creating the perfect base, I do find that there is a difference in formulation and how much easier it is to blend and wear versus what you can get from the drugstore. That said, I’ve always invested in full-coverage, long-wearing foundations when I buy luxury brands, so I was surprised to find that Guerlain’s L’Essentiel Foundation (~P3,500) provides a happy medium that’s suited for every day. We’ve reviewed a fuller coverage Guerlain foundation before, so I was curious to see how different this take on ‘natural’ foundation would be. I tested it for two weeks, and here’s how it panned out:

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Canmake Cheek Brush

I don't know why exactly but Japan is on my mind these last few days. I've been obsessively checking flights, hotels, and the weather on my preferred dates. Honestly I'm starting to feel a wee bit crazy. Why now, why so suddenly? It's like an urge that just dropped down my gut.

I'm trying to convince my parents to go with me this year, but if that doesn't happen I will most likely go by myself. Is this what they call lovesickness? Well. I suppose so!

In any case, here's a little piece of Tokyo for us: the Canmake Cheek Brush (P600)! This is part of the brand's Spring collection and I'm loving it. Not as a blush brush but as a - wait for it - foundation brush. It's the perfect shape and density for applying liquid foundations and BB creams.

Don't let that cute, toy-like design fool you. This is a crazy soft brush with fine synthetic bristles! It's quite small yes but it's about the same size as the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. They work pretty much the same way except this is only 600 bucks. ;)

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Foundation Week: Charm Pro Angled Foundation Brush

Thought I'd end foundation week with a tool instead of makeup! The Charm Pro Angled Foundation Brush (P700) is the latest creation from the popular local brush brand. It's a flat brush with a gentle angle to it that allows you to blend in liquid foundation even in tight spots. It's super easy to use, and works best with watery foundations and BB creams to get maximum coverage.

The brush has soft synthetic hair that's dense and stiff at the base. It's pliable on the tapered edge, which gives it this nice blending action if you swipe it back and forth. I wouldn't recommend it for heavy-coverage, thick foundations since you will need a denser, rounder brush to get those properly worked onto the skin. This however is perfect for light foundations that have sheer coverage - it somehow increases the opacity of these types of foundations, and give them a smoother finish. 

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Japonesque Dual Sided Brush 130

I've always wanted to own something from Japonesque. I have this impression that the brand is serious about makeup artistry and craftsmanship, being such a well-loved name by makeup artists all over the world. I never tried it earlier though because of how expensive it is. One basic brush can fetch more than P2,000!

Truth be told that's not an uncommon price for high-end brushes. However, seeing as I just apply makeup on myself, I don't want to spend that much on a single brush just yet. So imagine my surprise when I saw a pro-sized Japonesque brush for only P895 at Beauty Bar!

I literally stopped in my tracks and asked the sales assistant to take it out from the box. I actually wanted to buy a brush like this from MAC a few limited ed collections ago but again couldn't justify a ~P2,000 splurge for a single brush. P895 isn't peanuts either but it's reasonable because, well, it's Japonesque. 

Okay sorry about rambling on about the price. Still can't get over it. :P I think the reason this is cheaper compared to the normal Japonesque brushes is because half of it is synthetic hair. It's also made for makeup enthusiasts like me - not beginners but not professional either. It hits the sweet spot between quality and being reasonably priced.

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All-in-one: Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery" is a quote that I heartily agree with. When someone goes so far as to copy you then it's not just garden variety admiration - you're already held as a model for his/her self-actualization. I'm not talking about your work here (which may be copied simply out of laziness or dishonesty), I'm talking about the essence of who you are. If you're being imitated then you better recognize what an honor it is!

It's similar with beauty products. The best products - usually expensive ones - are copied by drugstore brands because there's a high demand for it. They're desirable yet often unattainable so more affordable alternatives come out. Yay for the free market, eh? One product that's been copied endlessly is the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush (P1,500). Guess why.

It's perfect! (As hinted rather heavily by the product name, har har.) This brush is designed to apply liquid, powder, and cream face products flawlessly. It has soft, synthetic, densely packed bristles that makes application a dream. If you want light coverage then spread out the product in downward strokes; for heavier coverage, simply press/dab the brush on the desired area and then lay off the blending.

It's rather small which makes it ideal not just for foundation but for concealer, contour, and blush as well.

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Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

Have you heard of Real Techniques brushes? They're this super popular brushes made by none other than Samantha Chapman, one of the Pixiwoo sisters. I've been trying to buy a set for a while now, but they're always out of stock in the usual online stores. So when Jun of Makeuplove emailed me to ask if she can send me one, I got a huuuuge smile on my face. Serendipity sure is sweet!

Finally, the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set (P1,100).

Yes, you get four full-sized face brushes and a display/travel case for only P1,100 (cheaper in the US of course). Sorry to sound like an informercial but admit it, it's a really good deal. The brushes themselvers are perfect and do exactly what they were designed to do. Here's a quick run-down!

What I love about the product

  • Super smooth synthetic hair picks up makeup nicely and deposits it without eating it up.
  • Slightly hefty, doesn't feel cheap. The rubber-coated brush handles and the hair looks like they're of good quality.
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Etude House Foundation Brush

It's the weekend! How's it going for you? Me, I don't really have weekends since I mostly work from home. Right now I'm preparing to go to my mom's house, but before I leave, I want to share a product that I've had for a few weeks now: the Etude House foundation brush.

I find myself struggling to say something about this brush. Why? Because all I can think of saying is "meh". It's so-so. I can live with it, I can live without it.

IMG_0318 by project_vanity.

IMG_0319 by project_vanity.

What I like 

  • No shedding
  • Easy to clean with only baby shampoo
  • It looks neat, compact, professional
  • Relatively affordable for only sub-500 pesos
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