SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush

One of the more frequent questions I get as a beauty blogger is: what do I do when I receive a product I don't like from a friend of mine? Oh, the answer is boring. There isn't any drama involved, lol. I just tell the other person why I don't like what she sent and then give some suggestions on how it can be better. If the person is a real friend then she'd know why I can't in my good conscience promote her product on my blog. If the person isn't a real friend but is nevertheless a shrewd businesswoman, then she'd know why it's best if I just don't write about it.

I write tons of positive and so-so reviews, but rarely an all-out negative review. If you don't see it here, then I simply don't like it enough to spend two hours post-processing photos and writing about it. I don't want to waste my time, your time, and a perfectly good relationship.

Anyway! Today I just feel like raving about one of the best brushes I came across last year. Even better, it's created by a good friend of mine! Sophie Uy is the woman behind Charm Brushes. Late last year she finally released her luxe line called SOFFIA - more expensive than Charm, certainly, but with a higher level of quality. I have three brushes from this line and they are all exceptional.

This is a true story: after I got the SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush (P2,500), I didn't use it immediately. I placed it in my bag for two weeks and showed it off to everyone I happened to be meeting. I'll say, "Guys, this is the softest brush ever! Touch it! Be blown away!" and they'd all coo. I just felt so proud that a fellow Filipina can come up with something this awesome.

But why is it awesome? Imagine shampoo commercial hair...on a stick. These look and feel like natural hair but it's not; it's synthetic squirrel hair. So yes, no animals were involved in the making of this brush! I couldn't believe it at first but it was Sophie herself who told me. The ultra-soft, plush, and dense hair is apparently manufactured and not harvested. Gotta love sciencez.

The hair! It's beautiful!

At first I was a bit uncomfortable about the largeness of this brush, but it actually is the right size for setting makeup. I don't buff the product with it. I pat it in the areas that need powder and I'm done in less than a minute! This brush is also great with finishing powders with illuminating properties like Guerlain Meteorites or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. The shimmer looks softer, more diffused, versus being patchy and concentrated.

The price tag, at P2,500, can be off-putting. Not gonna lie there. But if you're a makeup artist and you want to impress your clients, this is The Brush To Have. I assure you, I have yet to feel a softer brush, more luxurious that is available locally! This is worth the investment. 

If you just apply makeup on yourself, but still want to treat yourself everytime you do your routine, then the SOFFIA brush is worth the splurge. :) I mean, if you have the moolah then why not?

SOFFIA brushes come in this luxe case. I reused mine for my high-end drawing and charcoal pencils hehe. 

Overall, the SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush is a great addition to a pro or enthusiast makeup kit. It's not something I'd recommend for beginners, since I feel that it's more important to practice with basic tools first. But yeah if you love makeup and have some extra smackers lying around - oh, you're in for a treat!

So there you go. Do you think you're at that point in your beauty journey where you deserve a SOFFIA brush?


You can purchase SOFFIA Brushes online or at the Sofa Retail Lab in Powerplant Mall.