Happy Skin Don't Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation

Mine is the sorry misfortune of having a neck that's darker than my face. It's always been like this, even though I don't use any whitening products. Anyway, this just means that I always swatch foundation on my neck before choosing my shade. The foundation should match that part as closely as possible, so that my face doesn't look too light in contrast. The lightest my foundation can go (ideally) is the color of my face.

It sounds pretty complex but, not really! Just remember that if you have to choose between the color of your face or neck, always go for the darker one (if you're not extremely acidic). It's easier to darken an area than it is to lighten it up evenly. 

Soooo! Thought I'd review something new that I really like: the Happy Skin Don't Get, Mad Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation (P999). I'm sure you've been seeing this around and wondering what the hoopla is about. Well, I'll tell you. This foundation has an excellent demi-matte finish and the staying power to beat. I barely oil up in this even after I've had it on for five hours! Let's run through the details.

Coverage and finish. This liquid foundation has a medium to heavy coverage. One layer is enough to cover lighter blemishes; I find that I don't need to use more than that. It can look shiny initially but once it sets, it's a demi-matte. It's ever so slightly dewy but still predominantly matte. It looks like fresh skin, so much that it reminds me of Bobbi Brown liquid foundations.

Texture. It has a creamy, slightly tacky texture that dries up quickly, but still gives you enough time to blend it all over. I find that it's best applied with a brush or sponge, instead of fingers. I feel that the fingers are not enough to evenly spread this semi-thick foundation properly. You'll need to break it down with a tool.

Swatch of 03 Deep Beige

Color selection. There are only three shades available for the Don't Get Mad Get Even. They have a neutral, sliiightly leaning towards beige undertone. It put me off at first but the shade I have - 03 Deep Beige, the darkest - suits me just fine. It's a step darker than I prefer my foundation to be, but remember my rant about having a dark neck? This works!

It looks weird and beige on me initially but after I've set it with my usual powder, it looks normal. I don't notice it darkening throughout the day. 

I wish I can have shade suggestions, but I forgot to do swatches of the other shades. Sorry about that! 

A closer look

Staying power. Shade woes aside, what I like most about this foundation is how long-wearing it is. I've worn it for over six hours and it didn't fade. I can get away with not touching up after the 4-5 hour mark. Even though it stays on, it doesn't feel suffocating and thick on my skin. It's very comfortable!

DGMGE also promises to hydrate your skin while wearing it and I agree. My skin feels plump and moist when I have it on. 

Packaging. Cute color and cute bottle. It reminds me of a Clinique foundation bottle with the spout tip. I like that the plastic is sturdy and thick, it doesn't feel cheap at all!

Verdict. I highly recommend the Happy Skin Don't Get Mad Get Even Liquid Foundation if you're oily and blemished. This is a low-maintenance and comfy foundation to have on your face all day, which is why I recommend it particularly to girls who go to the office or school.

The only catch is that the shades are currently limited. I hope that Happy Skin comes out with more soon! Nonetheless, I love this foundation and I use it regularly. :) Such a great product from a local brand.

Thoughts? Is this foundation calling out to you?