Lip Gloss Week: MAC Lipglass in Ready To Roam

Majorly distracted today because of a cold/ allergy I've had for weeks! I'll spare you the gross details but let's just say I need to see a doctor soon. It's really affecting my life. Well, now that's out of the way, I feel slightly better. It's difficult to come up with a coherent thought when you have to blow your nose every five minutes, you know!

Anyway, to continue Lip Gloss Week, I have here the MAC Lipglass in Ready To Roam. This was part of the Fall 2012 Styleseeker Collection. It's no longer available but I still wanna review it if only to talk about the formula and show you how good a red lip gloss can look.

And it looks more than good - it's fabulous. Red as a lip color is traditionally ruled by matte lipstick, but a glossy red, when done right, has its own powerful charms. It looks modern and chic even with just the barest of makeup.

Ready To Roam is a pigmented red with gold, blue, and pink iridescent shimmer. The shimmer is barely visible, you can only see them from the tube. The color itself is pretty opaque and creamy when worn on the lips.

As for the formula, it's quite thick and goopy but not sticky at all. It isn't drying either, but don't expect any moisture from it alone; wear a balm! Staying power is good at around 3-4 hours. The color, weirdly enough, doesn't seem to develop a stain.  

Lip swatch! The edges are a little blurry but only because of the editing I had to do (I adjusted the color). Nonetheless, wearing a lip liner with a gloss like this would make it look even better.

Overall, I recommend that you try out a MAC Lipglass if you find a color you like. I'm sure there's something out there that's similar to Ready To Roam! I have another Lipglass, a pink one, but it's quite sheer. I think it's only worth splurging on a MAC gloss if it's as pigmented as Ready To Roam.

So there you go. ^_^ Have you tried a MAC lip gloss before? How was it?