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Hit or Miss? Review + swatches of the Mark. by Avon Liquid Lip Lacquers

I sometimes tend to forget that Avon is not a local brand. Witnessing the strong foothold that Avon has had on our market growing up, I’m convinced that at least 90% of Filipinas have tried an Avon product at least once in their life. While I’ve never been particularly drawn to their makeup, I have heard good things about the Mark. by Avon line. Supposedly the edgier and trendier sister to the True Color brand, Mark. offers playful, creative products at the affordable price point that Avon is known for.  

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Positively Galactic: Why I'm smitten with the new Revlon Shoot The Moon collection

Revlon has been around since 1932. For 86 years it has innovated and defined beauty for generations of women, proving itself as a cosmetics business that has survived the test of time and fickle tastes. In the last few years, however, I’ve felt that Revlon has become boring. The brand comes out with solid, reliable products all the time, but people don’t get as excited about it when the competition for eyeballs and wallet space is so fierce.

With the new Shoot The Moon Collection though, I feel like Revlon is getting out of their funk and becoming a little (okay, a lot!) more experimental with their offerings. This recently released 16-piece collection is all about outer space in all its weird glamour - the deep blue packaging is sprinkled with gold shooting stars, rocket ships, and UFOs.

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My life is glossier now that I have Revlon's new lip balm and gloss hybrid

Is the Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme (P375 for 7 grams) a lip gloss or a lip balm? The answer, for me, is both. I was pleasantly surprised by these new gloss balms from Revlon. Off the bat, I thought they looked like a basic lip gloss, but I found them more interesting due to the fact that they feel more like an ultra glossy lip balm than anything else!

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The Ultimate Lipstick Bible: How to find the best formula + finish for your lips

With the beauty industry constantly producing new products at breakneck speed, we're very much spoiled for choice. Sometimes though, the feeling of having so many options can be overwhelming. I think this is especially true when it comes to lipsticks. Color options are a beautiful nightmare in and of itself but finishes compound that situation tenfold.

To beauty shopaholics like us, having a favorite is key to narrowing down the “financial blackholes” we can potentially sink into. Unfortunately, bankruptcy by lipstick is just not a socially acceptable incapacity (yet.) Today, we’re going to break down the world of lipsticks and hopefully help you, dear reader, edit your lipstick wardrobe and stick to pieces you'll actually use.

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L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Stain

Lip stains used to be known as the most drying lip colors available in the market. Sure theyre long-wearing and convenient, but since they were mostly liquid, they don't offer a lot of hydration to the lips. But times are different now. Lip colors (and cosmetics in general) won't succeed in the market if they don't give us exactly what we want - and a litte bit more.

Cue in the L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Stain (P595). It promises to provide long-wearing color with the shine of a gloss and the feel of a lip balm. They came out in 2012 and become hugely popular because of the 30% water and 60% oil formulation, as it's so much more hydrating while feeling weightless at the same time. 



I have here three new shades from a new line called Pearly Shine: Flora, Luna, and Ruby. I don't have the original Shine Caresse products with me, but based on swatches online, the Pearly Shine looks like it's more sheer and sparkly than the first formula.

Here's a quick rundown on these intriguing stains!


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Shiseido Week: Lacquer Gloss in Plum Wine RS306

Yup, it's Shiseido Week again! I've been debating with myself whether I should do one whole post on the brand's Spring collection, but everything deserved their own features - that's how much I like them. :) I hope you can explore with me this week as I discuss the latest products from my favorite cosmetics brand in the world!


Let me begin with the Shiseido Lacquer Gloss in Plum Wine RS306 (P1,250). This is a super shiny, balm-thin lip gloss that feels slinky and plush on my lips. It's so thin, it almost feels like a watery lip balm! It's also fairly moisturizing that I don't need to prime my lips anymore.



Texture aside, the color is just right. It's not completely opaque - it's designed to be semi-sheer - so it allows the natural color of my lips to show through. I have even-toned lips so this isn't a problem, but if you have uneven coloration then it's best to wear this on top of a lip liner or lipstick. Either way, you'll be getting a beautiful, uber glossy finish that'll make your lips look full and sexy.

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Sweetly fresh: the Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks and Candy Wrap Lip Gloss

Why do I draw and paint? It's a long list of reasons but it boils down to that feeling of joy of having created something from nothing. I take photos and write for this blog, but my work here is derivative. That doesn't mean it's unimportant or meaningless, but it's just not the same as making something with my hands. So I draw lines and sometimes I color them.


It also keeps me sane. I place a lot of pressure on myself to excel in what I do and be bigger, better. Sometimes, I want to escape from that. Painting for me has no agenda other than to please myself. Although, if in the future I can turn this into a commercial undertaking, then that'd be awesome too! I should know, there are few things more rewarding than earning something from doing things you love.


Buuut let's get back to makeup. I just want to share an FOTD and review of some Canmake products! Like I said in my earlier post I think Canmake cosmetics are beyond cute and offer pretty good quality for the (drugstore) price. I didn't truly understand that, however, until I wore the Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks and Candy Wrap Lip Gloss together some weeks back.


Ta-dah! I loved this look. Even better, I did it in under ten minutes! I used a Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze and then a brown Essence eyeliner. I think the cheeks and the lip gloss stole the show though. They really made my complexion look amazing!


The Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks #5 looks like something from a toy store but this is nicely pigmented with a beautiful glowy finish. The four colors mix together perfectly to create a cotton candy pink that just melts on top of my cheeks. Such a pretty blush!

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The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 30 and Lip Gloss in Vanilla

Sue me, I have a lot of eyeshadows yet to be written about! They will always be my greatest weakness, along with lipsticks. Now I know many of you ain't a fan of wearing a lot of eye makeup but I hope you'll consider this palette from The Body Shop. It's part of their Spring 2014 Collection along with a pink version, two new glosses, and hair chalk!

I've seen the pink Shimmer Cubes, which are cute, but I think the Shimmer Cubes Palette 30 (P1,295) here is more wearable for Asian skin. They are quite shimmery but I think that the finish isn't all that distracting. Shimmery neutrals are appropriate for any occasion as long as you don't splash it thickly over your eye area.

Let's get started! I've tried TBS Shimmer Cubes a loooooong time ago and was thoroughly unimpressed by the pigmentation. But that was before. Now, the colors are super pigmented! You won't even need to wear a primer to make the colors solid. In fact I'd recommend applying the colors wet instead. They'll stick and won't crease too much, even after three hours.

Top, L-R: Dusty Fawn, Rich Espresso | Bottom, L-R: Burnished Gold, Warm Copper

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Lip Gloss Week: Stila Lip Glaze

What do you usually do on Saturday mornings? I either read a book or play a video game. I try not to do anything work-related or even blog-related on weekends, but I want to write about these glosses before my themed week officially ends. ^_^ I think they're quite good!

This Stila Lip Glaze Set (P1,750) was part of the brand's Holiday 2013 Collection. It was such an awesome deal, that all told each lip gloss just cost P195. I'm not sure if this is still available, but I would wager that it is since limited ed holiday stuff are usually on counters until late January.

I gave one set as a gift and kept the other two lol. Here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons!

What I love about the product

  • Surprisingly pigmented, with a super smooth glossy finish. I get medium coverage with most of the shades I have here. It's not crazy opaque but the jelly effect is quite nice.
  • The gloss isn't drying. You can also get away with wearing lip balm underneath (it won't affect the texture, that is).

The pliable synthetic brush has a squarish shape that helps you do a more precise application

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Lip Gloss Week: Avon Ultra Glazewear Lipgloss

One of the reasons I enjoy doing themed weeks is I get to dig through my baul to look for things to feature. Sometimes, I forget to write about a certain release (due to the volume of stuff I receive), so there's always something interesting to find. For Lip Gloss Week, it's the Avon Ultra Glazewear Lipgloss (P299). I think I've had this since August 2013!

I remember casually swatching this a couple of times, but forgot about it because I was testing out the Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick. Anyway. The Ultra Glazewear is a fairly pigmented collection of glosses that come in rich, eye-catching colors. I like that it's not sticky, but it does feel a bit thick on the lips. 

It flakes minimally as it dries. You can get away with a wearing a lip balm underneath, so go for it if you have dry lips. :) Staying power is average at three hours. It has a gentle caramel scent that doesn't smell cheap to me.

Here be the swatches!

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