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SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush

One of the more frequent questions I get as a beauty blogger is: what do I do when I receive a product I don't like from a friend of mine? Oh, the answer is boring. There isn't any drama involved, lol. I just tell the other person why I don't like what she sent and then give some suggestions on how it can be better. If the person is a real friend then she'd know why I can't in my good conscience promote her product on my blog. If the person isn't a real friend but is nevertheless a shrewd businesswoman, then she'd know why it's best if I just don't write about it.

I write tons of positive and so-so reviews, but rarely an all-out negative review. If you don't see it here, then I simply don't like it enough to spend two hours post-processing photos and writing about it. I don't want to waste my time, your time, and a perfectly good relationship.

Anyway! Today I just feel like raving about one of the best brushes I came across last year. Even better, it's created by a good friend of mine! Sophie Uy is the woman behind Charm Brushes. Late last year she finally released her luxe line called SOFFIA - more expensive than Charm, certainly, but with a higher level of quality. I have three brushes from this line and they are all exceptional.

This is a true story: after I got the SOFFIA Opulence All Over Face Brush (P2,500), I didn't use it immediately. I placed it in my bag for two weeks and showed it off to everyone I happened to be meeting. I'll say, "Guys, this is the softest brush ever! Touch it! Be blown away!" and they'd all coo. I just felt so proud that a fellow Filipina can come up with something this awesome.

But why is it awesome? Imagine shampoo commercial hair...on a stick.

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Ecotools 5-Piece Mineral Brush Set

They say expensive brushes are some of the best investments you can make if you're serious about getting your makeup right. That may be true five years ago, when only high-end brands would make brushes fit for the high strandards of makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike. But it's different today. It's easy to find good brushes without going over a thousand, maybe even 800 bucks a piece.

You can go even lower, if you like! Take for example this Ecotools 5-Piece Mineral Brush Set (P549 at Kalm Cosmetics). This travel-sized brush collection is a great buy for beginners and those who like to apply their makeup on the go! It's specifically created for loose mineral makeup but it can definitely be used with traditional pressed makeup as well.

The set contains a Mineral Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shading Brush, and Mini Kabuki Brush. They're mainly for applying powder base makeup. The synthetic bristles are super soft and dense where it counts, thus turning your makeup into a smooth, even layer all over your face.

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Brush Week: Mary Kay Cheek Brush

It's been years since I tried anything from Mary Kay! A couple of weeks back, I received a brush, loose powder, and mirror compact from the brand. I fell in like with all of them, especially since they are beautifully packaged, effective, and inexpensive. Today I'll quickly talk about the Mary Kay Cheek Brush, a beautiful brush that can be used for both blushes and powders.

This brush is made of soft animal hair. It's dense enough to blend loose powder effectively, but not so dense that it becomes too stiff to apply blush properly. This is generally good at packing color and blending it. I always love having brushes that can be used two or more ways! Saves me time from trying to pick out my next tool.

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All-in-one: Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery" is a quote that I heartily agree with. When someone goes so far as to copy you then it's not just garden variety admiration - you're already held as a model for his/her self-actualization. I'm not talking about your work here (which may be copied simply out of laziness or dishonesty), I'm talking about the essence of who you are. If you're being imitated then you better recognize what an honor it is!

It's similar with beauty products. The best products - usually expensive ones - are copied by drugstore brands because there's a high demand for it. They're desirable yet often unattainable so more affordable alternatives come out. Yay for the free market, eh? One product that's been copied endlessly is the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush (P1,500). Guess why.

It's perfect! (As hinted rather heavily by the product name, har har.) This brush is designed to apply liquid, powder, and cream face products flawlessly. It has soft, synthetic, densely packed bristles that makes application a dream. If you want light coverage then spread out the product in downward strokes; for heavier coverage, simply press/dab the brush on the desired area and then lay off the blending.

It's rather small which makes it ideal not just for foundation but for concealer, contour, and blush as well.

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Awesome find: the best powder brush

I'm always hovering in department stores in the hopes of scoring something great, something other people may have missed. Last Tuesday, I hit gold! I visited the department store at Market! Market! to buy nail polish when I spotted this awe-inspiring, crazy cheap powder brush right across the nail polish aisle:

It was incredibly soft, had shiny hair, had the right density and - best thing EVER - it only cost me P119! I've been mooning over a high-quality powder brush from Suqqu since I saw Lisa Eldridge use one in a video. But since Suqqu is not available here and I probably can't afford it, I'm happy that I found a nice alternative. It's not the same shape but guys, you really need to feel how soft this P119 brush is. <3

This brush has fine synthetic hair very similar to the one Ellana uses for their brushes.

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