The Magic Egg: Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

Take a makeup sponge, then try to imagine why it should possibly cost a thousand bucks. Can you? I couldn't. I've said several times before that I am skeptical when it comes to the Beauty Blender hype. Until I got my own, that is! This was a surprise from Digital Traincase after attending her workshop with Jigs Mayuga (more on that soon).

Anyway, now I know why makeup artists adore the Beauty Blender. It blends wet makeup (liquid or cream) onto the skin seamlessly! I've tried brushes that blend makeup seamlessly before, sure, but the process is not as effortless and simple as using the Beauty Blender. With brushes, I end up blending and patting several times to achieve what Beauty Blender can do in two passes. This stuff really works!

What makes the Beauty Blender so different...and so expensive?

This sponge is non-latex, non-comedogenic, and doesn't have that weird chemical smell from cheap sponges. I didn't break out from using this at all! The shape is also ergonomic so it fits into the awkward corners of the face.

But that's just superficial, and obviously easy to copy. The difference lies in the material of this sponge. It swells up to twice its size when its wet, thus becoming exponentially softer and increasing its ability to deposit and blend the makeup perfectly. With little effort, might I add!

I tried this with a foundation that's very difficult to work with due to its hard, quick-to-set texture. I love the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation, but it's a bitch to apply even with my best brushes. So I don't often use it. But since I got the Beauty Blender, I've been wearing that foundation whenever I get the chance! The finish becomes sheerer and more casual so I can wear the Long Wear foundie regularly. 

Love this stuff but the texture is unforgiving

What the foundation looks like when applied with the Beauty Blender. I don't get the same finish when I use my usual brushes!

How to use the Beauty Blender

This sponge is absolutely useless when it's dry. It's best to wet it under the faucet first then squeeze out the excess. The sponge will expand up to two times its size, so don't be surprised! This slight change is interesting because the BB becomes finer and softer once it's larger. Hence, your makeup will be blended better.

Pump out your liquid foundation on the back of your hand then pick up your desired amount with the sponge. If you just want a sheer natural coverage, swipe the sponge downwards. If you want heavy coverage on some areas (like the chin, sides of the mouth, eyebags), use the pointed tip then sort of stamp it on your skin. This won't dilute the coverage of your makeup.

If you HATE wasting your precious and watery liquid foundation, just apply it as you normally would using your fingers. Then, pass over a damp Beauty Blender on your face just to remove any streaks or uneven edges. :)

How to clean the Beauty Blender

You can use baby shampoo or dishwashing fluid, but I prefer to use a clarifying shampoo to really get all the gunk out. Just lather and squeeze until the water runs clear! BB also sells a sponge cleaner in soap and liquid form. 

Should you get a Beauty Blender?

It's an amazing tool and an absolute must-have for makeup artists who need to achieve a pixel-perfect finish on their clients in the shortest amount of time. 

But if you just wear makeup casually and prefer to use sheer and watery foundations, a Beauty Blender isn't necessary. You can use your fingers or whatever brush you're comfortable with. You'd still get a nice effect. The BB can help your makeup look less makeup-y, definitely, but it's not necessary to do so if your base isn't that thick to begin with.

I feel that the Beauty Blender is worth it only if you use a lot of long-wearing, heavy-coverage foundations. It'll save you tons of time and your mask-like finish will just be a thing of the past. Otherwise, you can live without it. :)

So there! Let me know what you think! Is the Beauty Blender sponge for you?

You can purchase Beauty Blender products at Digital Traincase.