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Love: MONDA Studio Mixing Palette and Spatula

Ever since I saw makeup master Jigs Mayuga use a mixing palette and spatula at a workshop, I knew I NEEDED those things in my life. I'm not a makeup artist, right, but I love tinkering with makeup and having tools make the process more simple and enjoyable. I'm grateful to Sol of Digital Traincase, who generously gave me a MONDA Studio Mixing Palette (P520) and Spatula (P490) last Christmas!

Before we move forward, can I just say that Sol is one of those people I've been following for maybe half a decade now, even before her store became famous in the PH. She used to blog before, did you know that? She was passionate about nail polishes if I remember correctly. She has since channeled that passion into being one of the top (if not the top) online beauty retailers in the country, but she's still as nice and approachable as before.

I totally did not expect anything from her last Christmas. I didn't make parinig or anything - the package just suddenly arrived on my doorstep. She said it's to thank me for my support through the years, but IDK, it's not like I did a lot. I just love her brand of service and her constant eye out for new amazing things to bring here.

ANYWAY, end of cheese. Here's my review of these MONDA tools! 


I'll start with the palette. I think that if you love liquid and cream products, a mixing palette like this is indispensable. It allows you to customize wet foundations, concealers, blushes, illuminators, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick etc. easily without wasting any product. Since it's made of stainless steel, you can warm the makeup with a touch of your hand under it. 

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What went down at the Digital Traincase x Jigs Mayuga Personal Makeup Workshop

A month or so ago Sol of Digital Traincase invited me to her first-ever event: a personal makeup workshop with THE Jigs Mayuga! As you know Jigs is one of the country's premier makeup artists, working with no less than the most sought-after celebrities, brands, and magazines. To be part of his personal makeup class is a great opportunity to learn from the master!

Did you know that Jigs used to work as an airline attendant? Unfortunately, he was laid off when the airline experienced difficulties at that time. Instead of feeling sorry for himself though, Jigs took it as a sign to finally pursue the thing he loved the most: makeup artistry.

So, he took his savings and invested the money on a cosmetology course at the Center for Aesthetic Studies in Makati. He eventually got hired by L'Oreal to manage a Shu Uemura counter in 2005, and then a year or so later got promoted as Chief Makeup Artist for L'Oreal Paris. How's that for turning your lemons into lemonade?

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The Magic Egg: Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

Take a makeup sponge, then try to imagine why it should possibly cost a thousand bucks. Can you? I couldn't. I've said several times before that I am skeptical when it comes to the Beauty Blender hype. Until I got my own, that is! This was a surprise from Digital Traincase after attending her workshop with Jigs Mayuga (more on that soon).

Anyway, now I know why makeup artists adore the Beauty Blender. It blends wet makeup (liquid or cream) onto the skin seamlessly! I've tried brushes that blend makeup seamlessly before, sure, but the process is not as effortless and simple as using the Beauty Blender. With brushes, I end up blending and patting several times to achieve what Beauty Blender can do in two passes. This stuff really works!

What makes the Beauty Blender so different...and so expensive?

This sponge is non-latex, non-comedogenic, and doesn't have that weird chemical smell from cheap sponges. I didn't break out from using this at all! The shape is also ergonomic so it fits into the awkward corners of the face.

But that's just superficial, and obviously easy to copy. The difference lies in the material of this sponge. It swells up to twice its size when its wet, thus becoming exponentially softer and increasing its ability to deposit and blend the makeup perfectly. With little effort, might I add!


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Organic Beauty Week: Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick

My life isn't what you'd call glamorous, but there are parts of it that are glamorous. The events and parties, the opportunities to trade ideas and plans with remarkable women in the local beauty/fashion industry, the free things I get - these are all amazing and fun. And ultimately, superficial. If you only knew all the leg work I need to do behind the scenes to make things happen, your desk job might just sound like a breeze!

Anyway. Let's continue Organic Beauty Week with a French product this time: the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick (P350 from Digital Traincase).

Nuxe is a natural origin cosmetology brand originating in France. It combines high-performance with a certain je ne sais quoi, and is said to be one of the best-selling brands in French pharmacies. I've honestly never heard of it before though, that is until Digital Traincase started carrying a few select items! 

Sol sent me this lip balm and I've been enjoying it since I got it. This balm is not like any other lip balm I've tried before. It doesn't have that slippery, slick, or hard waxy texture I'm accustomed to when it comes to balms. It feels...plush. Solid on the lips, but not heavy. It feels soft and light as it hugs the skin!

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Naturactor Cover Face Foundation

What we want to happen versus what actually happens are two completely different things. And you know what, that's perfectly fine. There are many variables in any given situation that it's difficult to predict the exact outcome. The trick is to be flexible and to adapt as quickly as possible. When life throws you lemons, you can do better than lemonade! Find a chicken then bake it with lemon sauce. 

Just don't give up, is the hardest and most important part.

Anyhoo, today I'll be reviewing a foundation that you're probably super curious about: the Naturactor Cover Face Foundation (P790 at Digital Traincase). There have been a lot of rave reviews floating around the web for some time now - is this Japanese foundation worth the hype?

It is. It is. When I first wore it, I exclaimed out loud: "Seriously? This is intense!" I can't believe the ultra-smooth, baby skin finish! I've never tried a foundation with this kind of finish before. The cream felt thin and light, yet it has medium to heavy coverage. It sets into a powdery layer so I doubt that I'd even need a finishing powder. 

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Lipstick Week: Japonesque 35-Well PRO Lipstick Palette

You're not a true-blue lipstick junkie unless you have the Japonesque 35-Well PRO Lipstick Palette (P1,450 at Digital Traincase). Okay, okay, I'm only half-kidding, but you have to admit that this is such a cool thing to have. Even Lisa Eldridge keeps a few of these! 

So what is it, really? It's a classy black box that has space for 35 lipsticks. It can also be used to store cream foundation if you wish, which makes it incredibly useful if you're a makeup artist. The case and mold is made of a thin, lightweight plastic, and is closed by a silver clasp.

I spent a whole morning selecting and depotting the 35 lipsticks that I wanted to put in this baby. It was a fun activity, albeit rather messy in the end!

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Reader question: Online makeup shopping

Hi Liz, I just want to ask you about online shopping. My dilemma is I love to shop for make up online because it's easy and tempting but sometimes I receive make up that has foul smell and I realized maybe old stocks na yung nareceive ko. Kahit trusted seller shop naka-receive pa rin ako ng old stock as in may liquid part na yung lipgloss. We don't know kung properly stored ba yung mga products or gaano na katagal sa place nila yung products so I would like to ask if you can recommend any online shops for make up? Thanks! - Chiena

The first time I bought makeup online was in eBay. I ordered this palette from Rustan's for a really good deal, I think it was P300? I was so excited to get it! And yes, I also bought it from a trusted seller. Imagine my disappointment when the eyeshadows were as hard as plastic and the lipsticks were this weird greasy stuff. It was a horrible waste of my student's allowance, to say the least.

Since then I prefer to buy makeup mostly offline and only in select stores online. Here are some tips on how to screen online makeup stores!

1. Research on the product you intend to buy. When was it released exactly? Find the earlist blog post about it online so you can make a reasonable guess. As a rule, you shouldn't buy any beauty product older than two years. Yes, even if it's sealed.

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NYX Slide On Pencil in Purple Blaze

Beauty savings tip: you don't have to spend more than P500 for a crazy good eyeliner. Sure there are exceptions to the rule (I love the Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner and Majolica Majorca Automatic Liner) but even then you don't have to go beyond P700, tops! 

A recent crazy good eyeliner find is the NYX Slide On Pencil (P360 at Digital Traincase). I got it in Purple Blaze, a deep yet electric purple shade that has a bit of glimmer. 

Why I love the product

  • This eyeliner is extremely creamy and glides like butter on the lids. No tugging or pulling on the delicate skin around the eye area.
  • Doesn't smudge or budge during the day. It's water and rub-resistant.
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Rave: NYX Girls Nail Polish

During the SuperSale Bazaar at Rockwell a couple of weeks back, I got a chance to chat with Sol of Digital Traincase about our favorite topics: makeup and nail polish! That aside, I find her to be one of the most inspiring businesswomen in the online beauty niche. Even with a hectic job at an international organization, she managed to start her online store selling NYX cosmetics, a venture which later on proved to be a major success. Even celebs like Pia Magalona buy from her!

So anyway, while I was at her booth at the bazaar, I was browsing for some NYX Girl Nail Polishes to buy. She said that she didn't like these polishes before, but the revamped version, which she has, really impressed her when her supplier offered her to try samples. That coming from a nail polish fanatic who has Dior, Chanel, and other expensive brands in her extensive collection, I was sold.

I got three NYX Girls Nail Polish bottles: Luscious Green, Fire Amber, and Pacific Blue. Did I say these are only P150 a pop? It's pricier than local drugstore brands, but I swear, the quality and finish is similar to high-end polishes! The formula is smooth, easy to apply, extremely pigmented, dries fast and has pretty good staying power. I've been wearing them for the past two weeks so I can say with conviction that they're awesome.

I tried Pacific Blue first.

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