Love: MONDA Studio Mixing Palette and Spatula

Ever since I saw makeup master Jigs Mayuga use a mixing palette and spatula at a workshop, I knew I NEEDED those things in my life. I'm not a makeup artist, right, but I love tinkering with makeup and having tools make the process more simple and enjoyable. I'm grateful to Sol of Digital Traincase, who generously gave me a MONDA Studio Mixing Palette (P520) and Spatula (P490) last Christmas!

Before we move forward, can I just say that Sol is one of those people I've been following for maybe half a decade now, even before her store became famous in the PH. She used to blog before, did you know that? She was passionate about nail polishes if I remember correctly. She has since channeled that passion into being one of the top (if not the top) online beauty retailers in the country, but she's still as nice and approachable as before.

I totally did not expect anything from her last Christmas. I didn't make parinig or anything - the package just suddenly arrived on my doorstep. She said it's to thank me for my support through the years, but IDK, it's not like I did a lot. I just love her brand of service and her constant eye out for new amazing things to bring here.

ANYWAY, end of cheese. Here's my review of these MONDA tools! 


I'll start with the palette. I think that if you love liquid and cream products, a mixing palette like this is indispensable. It allows you to customize wet foundations, concealers, blushes, illuminators, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick etc. easily without wasting any product. Since it's made of stainless steel, you can warm the makeup with a touch of your hand under it. 

Placing your wet product on a mixing palette is more hygienic and should be required if you're a makeup artist. I wash this with a sponge and dishwashing fluid if stuff crusts up, but normally I just wipe it down with alcohol or toner. That's enough to remove any makeup as long as it hasn't dried yet.

Do you need this? Yes, it's a must if you're a pro MUA since if anything it makes you look more advanced. It's also nice to have if you're just a makeup lover (like me!) but not necessary if you're currently happy with how you work with your products. :) I do think, however, that you'll have a lot of fun with it and it will help you up your game!

The Mixing Spatula is something that I don't often use though. It's for scooping out small chunks of cream products to mix with or just to prevent contamination. I think that MUAs would appreciate this more than even the most ardent beauty junkie - unless you're really intense about preventing contamination! I'm not. I only apply makeup on myself, after all, and I make sure my hands and tools are clean before placing them on my cosmetics.

Overall I love the MONDA Studio Mixing Palette and use it everytime I wear any wet makeup whatsoever. It's great for softening my eyeshadow primer (you know how UDPP gets hard over time) and as a surface for my liquid foundations. It's waaaay better than using the back of my hand!

The Mixing Spatula is handy for scooping out products for depotting. But that's just me. I'm sure a makeup artist would find this an indispensable tool.

So there you go. ^_^ Are you currently looking for a steel palette?