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From P215 to P1,500: Six multi-purpose palettes for different budgets

If you ask me, it is my genuine belief that makeup palettes are the gateway drug to starting a makeup stash. Finding a reasonably priced palette that contains a lovely mix of shares and/or all the products you'd need for a proper #FOTD is just the thing that fires up your imagination. How many different looks can you come up with? Isn't it great that you can tote so many options in one nifty container? It's definitely worth going for, even if you’re already more of a hoarder than a beginner building a collection. A cleverly curated palette seems like the perfect excuse to add another prize to your collection!

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Bed Head 4-Play Eyeshadow Palette

Bed Head is famous for its hair care products, but did you know that they actually made makeup? Yes? Bah. I had no idea. When the brand sent me the Bed Head 4-Play Eyeshadow Palette, I thought it was going to be a crummy product simply because makeup wasn't their specialty. Buuut this palette is actually pretty good!

What I like most about this palette is how sophisticated its colors are. There's a dusky purple, a white gold, a taupe-purple, and a pretty pink in the mix. They're something you can wear for the day then intensify for night time. 

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My top five eyeshadow palettes

It was very difficult to narrow down my favorite eyeshadow palettes because there are so many great ones that I use regularly. But for the sake of curation, I just picked five palettes that I use the most. They're the kind of palettes that I wear without thinking, especially when I'm in a hurry! You'll notice a lot of neutrals going on there but believe me, they're quite different from one another.

Sigma Flare Eyeshadow Palette. Didn't like this so much initially, but it has the best purple eyeshadows I've ever had! They look great on me so I overlook the chalky formula. The eyeshadows are still pigmented anyway.

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Palette in Sand. This is my foolproof palette - I can never go wrong wearing this. The eyeshadows are have a soft-focus finish so they don't take much effort to apply and correct. This is my favorite when I'm off to work stuff.

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Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Palette in Sand

The Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Palette in Sand (P3,000) was designed specifically for women who wear glasses, but if you ask me it's still a great all-around palette even if you don't don frames. It has a well-selected mix of eight shades that provide a soft focus effect, as if there is just a natural haze of color around the eyes.


I've been using it this past week and girls, I think I've found another permanent mainstay in my kit! The eyeshadows are well-milled and pigmented.

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Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection

When I first saw the Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection in Temptalia a couple of months back, I was floored. I like the theme and the fact that this collection is targeted towards women who wear glasses (me)! You see, it's a more difficult to use makeup when you wear glasses since they bring focus to the eyes. You don't want to be caught dead with droopy or tired-looking eyes, right? The Tortoise Shell Eyeshadow Palette is specifically designed to highlight our peepers without them looking overdone or trying hard. 

Aside from the palette, a set of mini-brushes with tortoise shell handles will be making a debut. If you've ever wanted to try Bobbi Brown brushes but can't afford them, this set is your best bet since you won't have to pay full price for them to get the same quality. It's P3,000 for the set but that's considerably less expensive than the normal size brushes which can go up to P2,000 a piece.  


Click after the jump to get more tips from Bobbi Brown on how to wear makeup with glasses on!

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