My 8 best neutral eyeshadow palettes

There was a time when loud and bright eyeshadows were all I would wear. I felt like a traitor to myself when I stopped though - like I'm getting rid of the fun part of me who didn't care if I had one too many eyeshadow colors on my lids. I soon realized that it was just part of growing up. We all experiment at some point. We then discover what works for the person we are at the moment and who we'll be in the foreseeable future.


And who am I now? Someone who loves a polished, elegant look, without the frills! I thought I'd round up my favorite eyeshadow palettes to show you guys. I love a lot of other palettes but these are the ones I use most often. ^_^ They are creamy, pigmented, and super smooth when laid down on top of any primer (sometimes without)! They also have smoky colors for more adventurous days.

I've reviewed most of them except for the Rimmel Nude In The Box Palette which I've swatched below. It's about JPY1,200 or PHP600, and as far as I know, only available in the Japan. It's a bit powdery than I'd like, but I love the warm color selection and combination of textures. If a Bobbi Brown palette can cost 600 bucks, this would've been it.

Here are the rest of the palettes! I've listed them down with my blog review so you can see the swatches. Just click the names to go to their respective features.


LORAC PRO Palette  (P2,400 at Stuff In Style). This is one of my favorite palettes - ever. It's a bit on the cool side, the neutrals, but the smoky colors are really something to write home about. I believe there's a new version. I have yet to look at it closely for fear that I'd go after it with a net.

Stila Portrait Of A Perfect Eye Palette (P850 at Rustan's). This has a lovely rosy champagne shade called Rosewood. Organza, a rosy gold, is also a favorite lid wash of mine. I believe Portrait Of A Perfect Eye was limited edition but I'm sure Stila has a similar palette out and about right now. They do love their shimmery lid washes


Guerlain L'Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 14 Les Fauves (P2,998 from Rustan's). Honestly this toes the thin line between being a neutral palette as the colors are so intense! This is the PERFECT palette for achieving sunset-inspired eyes. I don't even need a primer when I'm wearing the shadows.

This is another limited edition palette, sorry, but you can find something similar at less the price...

My customized INGLOT palette (P375 a color at INGLOT in Glorietta 5). This is another sunset-inspired neutral palette that I picked out myself. INGLOT's freedom system is really cool that way! The colors are a weeeee bit similar to the Guerlain Les Fauves, but they're more on the everyday, you-can-wear-me-anytime side of the spectrum.


Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Palette in Sand. I have quite a few Bobbi Brown palettes here and I honestly love them all, but if I have to pick only one, it would be this limited edition palette. It has all the shadow colors I love from Bobbi Brown! It's limited edition but BB always repromotes their neutrals, plus, I believe this palette features permanent shades.

MAC Maleficent Palette (P2,530). I've got a 15-pan from MAC which I've already featured a few times. A distilled version of that would be the Maleficient quad, which came out last month. It's a beautiful selection of permanent shades! MAC really does make some of the best eyeshadows out there.

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in BR209 (P2,000+). Think yellow gold, a sandy gold, and a toasty bronze all in one place. The iridescent finish of this palette is beautiful, not to mention the uber silky texture.

So there you have it. Almost all the brands here are kinda pricey and I do know you're always looking for affordable options. I'll post one next time, but maybe also including singles! Now - what are your favorite neutral eyeshadow palettes?