Love: LORAC PRO Palette

I don't understand why everybody's so hung up over the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Sure, UD makes smooth, pigmented eyeshadows and the colors look good, but these qualities are not really unique. There are tons of options out there, if you would only look beyond the "obvious" choice.

One palette that I've really, really been mooning over is the LORAC PRO Palette (P2,400 at Stuff In Style). This is another raved-about palette but it's slightly more low-key compared to Urban Decay.  


The LORAC PRO has 16 shades, half of which are matte while the rest is shimmery. It doesn't just feature daytime neutrals; it also has shades fit for a daring smoky eye. Other than the neutral shades you'll see flashes of bright garnet, dramatic purple, and sleek stony slate. I think these colors make the palette more interesting and opens up more possibilities!

Each color is highly pigmented with an ultra-smooth texture - yes, even the matte, cream-toned ones. They are also color true. You basically get whatever you see on the pan. I also love that I don't need a primer to achieve full opacity!

Okay fine enough rambling. :P Here are the swatches, plus a couple of looks I did with this palette.

Look #1: A soft, daytime mauve. I used Nude on the lids, Mauve on the crease, and a bit of Sable on the outer-v.


Look #2: Berry autumn. Gold on the inner lids, Garnet on the outer lids, Mauve on the crease mixed with a bit of Sable, then Deep Purple on the outer-v.

Oooh and ahhh, right? I'm so happy I got this! I love all the colors and will be using ALL of them. 

Anyway, this palette also comes with a mini primer called the LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. This is just okay. It keeps the eyeshadows in place and intensifies them a little bit, but it's not remarkable. It's too watery, methinks, to be as effective as say Urban Decay, Too Faced, or Artdeco's primers.

The packaging is quite sleek and classy. The palette is slim so I can just wiggle it in anywhere, and it'll be easy to travel with since it won't take up much space. Each eyeshadow pan contains only .55 grams of eyeshadow though. It's more than enough for casual makeup users like me, but if you're a makeup artist then you might run out sooner than you'd like.

Overall, I highly recommend the LORAC PRO Palette if you're looking for new eyeshadows to wear to your holiday parties or, well, anywhere. Forget the UD Nakeds - the LORAC PRO contains beautiful, wearable shades that will suit any occasion! Pigmentation and texture is ace, and while the primer is just average it's still a nice addition to any makeup kit. :) 

This is now one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes. Totally worth the price!

You can purchase the LORAC PRO Palette at the Stuff In Style online store.