ZA True White Liquid Foundation

Folks, I'm on a blogging roll. I don't know why, I just feel inspired to write lately! (Maybe it's because I'm not as busy as I was). Anyway I have one last post for you today. It's a quick review on the foundation I used in my contouring post; a few people asked me what I was using because the finish is so flawless!

It's actually a very affordable foundation called the ZA True White Liquid Foundation (P595). I remember Julia of giving it a good review, so I decided to get it while I was shopping in Watsons.

My verdict? If you're going to try only one product ZA Cosmetics, make it this liquid foundation! It delivers a beautiful, flawless dewy finish in only one layer. I love that it has medium to heavy coverage without feeling heavy on the face. 

The texture is very creamy and smooth, as if you're applying velvet on your face. It's really easy to forget that this is only a drugstore foundation! It actually reminds me a little of one of my HG foundies, the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. This is thicker though, with better coverage. 

I have no notes on the staying power since I haven't worn this out yet, but it looks promising for a liquid foundation. My guess is 6-8 hours. If you set it with a good loose powder and remember to retouch when you get oily, you'll be totally fine.

I like that it has SPF25, thus making it handy to wear during the day. It doesn't have an obvious white cast but you'll notice the sliiiiightest graying around the edges if you expose your face to flash.

My skin is doing well lately but it's still uneven in tone and prone to dullness every so often. The ZA foundation evens it out beautifully! I set it with the Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire (my usual powder). The foundation shade I'm using is called OC30 - a perfect match. Try it if you're NC35! If you're lighter, go for OC20 like Julia.

OC30 is the darkest shade so if you're any darker than NC35 (medium yellow) then tough luck. :( Like most Japanese brands, ZA Cosmetics favor light to medium skin only.

Overall, I highly recommend the ZA True White Liquid Foundation if you want a dewy foundation with a medium to heavy coverage. This has such a beautiful finish! It would be great on dry to combination skin, but if you're very oily, you may want to get something less emollient. :) Good luck with the shades. If you find one that matches you, don't let go haha.

I love this and will continue to use it. So happy with this find! Let me know if this sounds like what you're looking for!