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Rediscovered: The ZA True White Foundation

The thing about having a bunch of stuff is that you forget the nice things you already have. This always happens to me! It usually takes a bit of kismet for me to sorta "rediscover" amazing things that I've acquired in the recent past. Anyway, one thing I'm loving lately is the ZA True White Liquid Foundation (P595) which I got last November and, until this week, forgot.

The thing is my skin is really, really horrible right now. If you look at my latest pictures closely you may have noticed tons of bumps on my face! :( I tried this new high-end skincare for a few days and, well, it obviously didn't work out. I should be freaking out but I know that if I just stick to my normal skincare regimen, this nastiness will come to pass.


In the meantime I am so glad I found the ZA True White Foundation in my stash.

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ZA True White Liquid Foundation

Folks, I'm on a blogging roll. I don't know why, I just feel inspired to write lately! (Maybe it's because I'm not as busy as I was). Anyway I have one last post for you today. It's a quick review on the foundation I used in my contouring post; a few people asked me what I was using because the finish is so flawless!

It's actually a very affordable foundation called the ZA True White Liquid Foundation (P595). I remember Julia of giving it a good review, so I decided to get it while I was shopping in Watsons.

My verdict? If you're going to try only one product ZA Cosmetics, make it this liquid foundation! It delivers a beautiful, flawless dewy finish in only one layer. I love that it has medium to heavy coverage without feeling heavy on the face. 

The texture is very creamy and smooth, as if you're applying velvet on your face. It's really easy to forget that this is only a drugstore foundation! It actually reminds me a little of one of my HG foundies, the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. This is thicker though, with better coverage. 

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New from ZA: Perfect Action Mascara and Impact-Full Eyes Gradation Palette

Aside from having soft, translucent skin, the Japanese are champs at getting the perfect eye makeup. The best eyeliners and mascaras all originate from Japan! Well, at least my favorite ones are. I've also noticed that Japanese eyeshadows have this iridescence to them that are rarely found in Western brands. Try to compare your eyeshadows one time and you'll see what I mean. ;)

So! Today I will be reviewing two of the latest products from ZA Cosmetics: the Perfect Action Mascara (P495) and Impact-Full Eyes Gradation Palette (P525). These were released last September I believe! You can find ZA in Watsons outlets, so I hope you can visit them one of these days if you haven't yet.

Right, let's begin with the ZA Perfect Action Mascara (P495). This has a non-waterproof version (which I have) and a waterproof version, which has a blue cap. I love that the non-waterproof can be easily melted with warm water or a water-based makeup remover - that's probably one of the top things I look for in a daily mascara! And this is a daily mascara, definitely.

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ZA Swap & BBeautiful Promo + Giveaway

Are you feeling unhappy with your BB cream? If you think that it's time to replace it with something that'll hopefully work better, ZA Cosmetics has a great promo for you. From October 12 to 31, you can take the ZA Half Face Test, turn in your old BB Cream*, then get the ZA Total Hydration BB Cream at 50% off! It'll be P213 only after the discount!

You should def do this if you have old tubes of BB Creams around. ;) Or if you just really don't like your current one. The ZA Total Hydration BB Cream is supposed to visibly make skin brighter and translucent in just 10 days. It is supposedly multi-purpose and has a whitening effect with SPF50 PA+++. 

So! Let's make this a little more fun. I'm giving away the Total Hydration BB Cream UV White, True White Cleansing Foam, True White Prizmizer, and True White Day Protector to FIVE lucky winners. This set is worth P1,710. ^_^ The winner (or her representative) must be able to pick up the set at Luxasia's office in The Fort. Good luck!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

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ZA Plumper Lips Lipstick in Rose Vintage

Remember when MTV was the coolest channel on television? If you're about my age, you would have spent and hour or so after school watching the latest music videos. You know, when they only released music videos on TV? Haha. I feel so old just knowing how epic MTV was back then.

One of the most visible brands on MTV then was ZA Cosmetics. They always showed that colorful and cute commercial in between videos, sometime in the late 90s. ZA was pulled out of the country for over a decade, sadly, but now it's back! I believe the stalls started popping up in SM Department Stores and Landmark just last June. The liquid and powder foundation come highly recommended so do check them out when you visit!

The prices are quite affordable, with most of the products checking in at less than a thousand bucks only. ZA is popular for the cosmetics of course but they also have intriguing skincare lines. ZA is actually a Shiseido brand, so you can bet that the company's thorough research is behind every ZA product!  

Today I will be reviewing the ZA Plumper Lips Lipstick in Rose Vintage (P425). It's what I got in my loot bag during the ZA event some weeks back, a random choice, but I love it as an everyday pink lipstick! It can work with fair to medium skintones I think, since it's warm enough without being too dark. 

Rose Vintage is a mid-coverage brown-based pink lipstick that packs a lot of shine. The shine creates the illusion of plumper lips indeed, although you would have to retouch every two or three hours to maintain the shine and color.

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