When the feeling is gone: Five products I used to love

Everyone has a right to change their minds - beauty bloggers, of course, aren't exempted from the privilege. Sometimes I do change my mind about products I review. Not because they're intrinsically terrible, just that my preferences and skin condition have changed over time.

That moisturizer I used to love to bits might be too rich for me now, for instance. But that doesn't mean the product is no longer effective for everyone else, or that my review is no longer valid! I just feel that it doesn't suit me right now.

Here are a few products that I loved in the beginning, but switched up to something else eventually.

I was a huge, huge, HUGE fan of the Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil before. I still think it's a great product, but I now prefer to use water-based makeup removers. I find that rich oils like Shu's don't clean my pores as well as a water-based remover would. I also find that Shu expires within a year and a half, so if you don't finish that bottle within that time frame you'd be wasting money (which is what happened to me).

Oh, I loved this conditioner so much. The Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes with Intense Argan Oil helped revived my damaged colored hair back then! But since I've eased up on the coloring and hair styling considerably, I find that this conditioner is too heavy for me. My scalp, which is already oily, feels oilier when I use this even if I avoid that area entirely. I also have very fine hair so I rarely use conditioners nowadays - if at all.

Buuuut if you have damaged, dry, and rough hair, then I would still highly recommend this conditioner!

I adored the super smooth finish of the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder, but the truth is I prefer to use the Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire more. I prefer a setting powder with more coverage than Ben Nye offers, since I always apply a bit of concealer on top of my liquid foundation. A powder with more tint can help blend in the concealer better.

These days, I have better skin than I've ever had in my whole life, so I've sorta retired all my heavy-coverage concealers. The Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation excels in covering large blemished areas as well as redness, but since I don't have that anymore...I also prefer to use something that matches my skin tone better. The Vichy shade I have (Nude) is just too pink for me.

The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is the perfect neutral matte palette - that is, if you're cool-toned. If you're warm/yellow like me, this looks ever so slightly off. It's not that obvious, which is why I loved it when I first got it, but I noticed that my skin looks ashy whenever I have it on.

I'm very OC about eyeshadows which is why this matters. However if you're not as OC as me, this looks good enough. :) Again, it's just a matter of skintone, and ultimately preference!

So that's it. What product/s did you use to love but ended up replacing?