Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire

What is the thing you want more than anything? I think life is simpler once you've answered this. Your relationship and career choices will follow if you know where you want to go and do. You will endure and survive painful situations because they're inevitable if you must get the thing you want more than anything. So what is it? :)

It's impossible for you to not know, on some basic level of your being. But it's possible to deny you want it.

Well that's a damper. :/ I just really want to talk about the Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire (P799)! I've been using this powder since I got it two weeks ago because it gives me three things I need most in a powder: SPF protection, a bit of coverage, and a fantastic finish. It's just an extra treat that this particular powder smells like sweet berries and comes in a huge 35 gram jar.


What I love about the product

  • Has a demi-matte finish that gives light to medium buildable coverage. It evens out and smoothens skin nicely - not quite foundation but if you have fairly good skin then this is enough to just polish what you have.
  • Texture is fine and easy to spread around with any brush. It doesn't look caky or powdery even if you use a lot. 
  • Comes in three shades for light, medium, and darker skin tones. I have Warm Honey, which is the darkest. It's the perfect match on my NC35 skin (medium-yellow).

  • Smells great! For me anyway. It has a sweet berry smell.
  • Has SPF30. Since it's powder, you can count on it as a physical layer of sun protection over your usual SPF skincare.
  • I didn't break out at all.
  • It's fairly affordable at P799 for a BIG 35 gram jar that's filled to the brim.
  • Cute box packaging! 

Light to medium coverage is enough for me on a daily basis

Super smooth powder, no chalkiness here

Just my fave SPF base + concealer + Snoe powder. No foundation. It looks a little white on me because of the SPF but in person (and in friendlier lighting) it looks great.

What I don't like about the product

  • Has this grayish cast if you look closely or have it captured via flash photography. That's the trade off for the SPF30. Not a big deal if you just need a powder for everyday use.
  • Not a big fan of powders in jars because it's difficult to bring around. The puff is also something I would not use other than to keep the powder for swirling around the jar.


Cover half of the sifter holes to prevent too much powder from being dispensed


  • Doesn't last particularly long on skin. By three hours it would have faded around the t-zone (if used alone with no foundation or primer underneath ha) so you will need to retouch. If you have foundation or primer then yes you won't notice any fading. Snoe has an HD powder which I believe is more for oil control.


If you're looking for a finishing powder with a bit of coverage, SPF, and a skin-perfecting finish, then I think you'll love the Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire. You can even use it alone, completely kicking your liquid/powder foundation to the curb, if you already have fairly good skin. It evens out darker or redder areas of one's face wonderfully.

It's great for dry to combi skin, but if you're oily this will not help control the sebum outside of regular retouching. Nonetheless, I highly recommend it to anyone who's in the market for an affordable everyday powder to use alone or over your favorite BB cream/ liquid foundation.


Love it! On casual days I just wear this on top of my SPF base and concealer. I love that I don't get pimples from this at all plus it makes my skin look quite nice. :) It supposedly has the skincare properties of acai berry, but for a powder this good, who cares? I do wish that Snoe will come out with a pressed version so I can take it around for retouching.

PS - You can actually win this powder along with lots of fab Snoe products over at my Commenter of the Month giveaway. :)

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